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This wrist strap has been a godsend and arrived in good time.

I like the fit and feel of the wrist strap but there is one drawback. I find it sweaty on the back of my hand and palm (not normally sweaty places) and I have begun to itch. I wonder if I could be allergic to the material (is it Neoprene?). I think I am going to devise a thin layer of stretchy material to put on first. Any suggestions?

Opening heavy doors and gates (part of my job) has been made a lot less painful and I wear it at night so that I don't wake up in an awkward position.

I particularly like the spoon shaped metal strut which fits very snugly.

Goodlife Homebrew

Great service; although my first order proved to be out stock, I was given good advice on an alternative product which arrived promptly.

Thanks to Alison, I have an unusual present for my daughter-in-law. I look forward to sharing the results in a few months.


My elderly cat likes VioVet as much as I do...

I share my house with a black, velvety, crotchety cat called Koshka (Russian for cat) and I always seem to get near the bottom of the food bin without having remembered to order more.

VioVet deliver very promptly and always get it right which is just as well or else I might not be allowed back into the Attack Cat's house.

Thank you VioVet.

PS His food is also much cheaper than going to the vet and since he needs a special diet I am grateful for the saving.

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