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nightmare& terrible customer service, always need to spend more than half hour on the phone with them.

i am with three for about 2 years now, initially due to their low rate phone plan that satisfied my needs.
recently as i am not using this phone number as much as i used to, i wanted to switch from monthly contract to pay as you go, while contacting their customer service, it was another nightmare.
not to mention that it was very difficult to understand the indian accent and fast pace talking, they transfered my calls again and again among 4 departments. after listened to the purpose of my phone call and confirmed my personal information, they told me this is not their department's job. so they need to transfer. alright, like this 3 times, on the 4th time i was very frustrated to explain the why i am making this call and confirmed again my personal info, i told them please just let me cancel my monthly contract and go to pay as you go. simple.
instead, their customer service kept trying to sell me some other monthly contract that i don't need and don't want. while i refused, he kept asking why am i not accepting his offer and EVERYBODY will think this contract is better value than pay as yo go. and he kept asking why do i want to change to pay as you go, which i explained in the beginning of our phone call, but he just doesn't get it.
so it was like this, he kept trying to sell me another contract, i refused, asked why, this and that for the next 38 minutes.
honestly, i don't want to change the phone company as i would have to inform everyone about the phone number change. but their customer service really made me want to avoid this phone company and share this terrible experience among my friends, who also already had bad experience with THREE.
i know its their job to try to retain customers, offering something, and all that, as it is a business they still want to make profit. however, with this kind of customer service will definitely put me away to stay with them.

** about calls were transfered to several departments, my past several experience were similar, it is always unavoidable to spend minimum 30 min with them on the phone and explain at least 3 times what you want, as well as confirm personal info for at least 3 times. UNLESS its something to do with upgrade.


1st experence was good. 2nd time was so so (slow delivery)

i have bought twice on this site, 1st time they delivered very fast, received on the next day with 3 samples regardless what the amount i spend was not much, so i thought its not as bad as i thought. when i finished my current toner, i bought it through this site again, ordered but didnt receive any confirmation email after 3 days, so i emailed and like everybody said, NO ONE REPLY. so i thought maybe order was not placed (since didnt get any confirmation email), and i replaced another order. this time i did get confirmation email, but waited for about 1 week, i didnt get any item dispatched email. and of course didn't receive anything either. i emailed again, 3 days later still no reply.i emailed again, and finally replied, they told me that its the problem of royal mail, and they are contacting royal mail.
finally i received my order, this time took very long ,and there're no samples ( but thats okay, since it was just like a bonus).
so i guess this site... is good to purchase for the first time only, or if you don't mind to wait longer, considering its price was lower than others. service was not too good either.

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