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Good to use

I regularly order from Amazon, and have done for 7-8 years now.

The vast majority of time it is hassle free, and the prices are cheaper than the high street.

Only had a couple of bad experiences. Once when a book was bought (from a private seller) and was listed 'like new'

It was anything but, and as I had paid more than other sellers were charging for it (because of it's supposed fantastic condition) I wasn't happy.

And the 2nd time when a company sent something not as described. It all took ages to sort out. My refund (which the company had agreed to) took an eternity to come through.

The only blip really on Amazons handling.


I concur that customer service IS terrible

When I called in September and queried my package, and why my bill had jumped from £41 to £57 'Johnny' was pretty indignant, and effectively encouraged me to cancel if I didn't like it.

2 days later I called his bluff - and did exactly that.

3 and a half weeks later, and 3 days before they were due to pick up their unreliable equipment, they called up. Obviously they were waiting for me to wilt, and go crawling back (which was never going to happen)

This time it was 'Barry' (from the customer complaints department allegedly) and when I mentioned to Barry about VMs poor customer satisfaction rating, he assured me that once people spoke to him, he worked his magic, and had them feeding out the palm of his hand.....

Sure enough, Barry the Grey worked his magic, and managed to talk me into not cancelling.

It wasn't all sweetness and light mind you. In the course of the 'negotiations' silver tongued Barry advised me (in a rather het-up tone) that I/people 'wanted something for nothing' and that I/we should 'live within our means'.

I thought I was living within my means, but when the bill jumps nearly 40% it sort of changes things a bit.

And regardless of the deal that you sign up for, the price isn't set in stone, as when Virgin put prices up 2-3 times the rate of inflation that affects you as well. But apparently they let you know you are fee to cancel if you don't want to lump it.

I wonder if the customer is able to change the terms of the 'contract' half way through like Virgin can?

After giving me a £4 discount (whooooah) Barry had somehow managed to put me under a spell and I had agreed to go for a 12 month contract at £55 a month. £4 disc, -£2.50 for rubbish call blocker +£5 for a Tivo box (in addtion to my existing 2 HD boxes)

They were supposed to turn up at between 1-6 on the 24th October (to install Tivo box)

Shock horror - no one turned up, after I had left work hours early to make sure I would be at home.

So they didn't turn up, but my NEW contract has arrived, and bizarrely it has £145 a month on it.

I'm speechless. (remember it was supposed to be £55)

Possibly there was a £90 increase in the meantime?

Yet more needing to get in touch with Virgin then, and wasting more time - and becoming more frustrated.

Virgins poor rating isn't to be believed of course - as Barry said customers are happy after speaking to him.

Not sure if they are happiest when he has told them they need to 'live within their means', or when the engineer doesn't turn up?


Bad attitude and terrible customer service - RIP

They won't honour giftcards now that they are in financial trouble? That people have spent money on?! Glad to see the back of the company then. Story in the paper yesterday where a boy with Cerebral Palsy can't buy an iPad with a £500 charity gift card - Comet has refused it.

Don't buy giftcards anywhere. These shops use it as an excuse to put conditions on YOUR money. You are free to spend cash anywhere, but once you buy a giftcard (where there is no incentive to do so so why bother?) your money is locked in to that shop, and then they put a time limit on it. And when the creditors are called in like with Comet, you probably will lose your hard earned money.

Theft - no other word for it.

Another rip-off high street shop closing.

Good riddance.


Not as good as they used to be!

A handful of years back you couldn't beat them. You would get identical products sold elsewhere for considerably more. For example 2.5L Diamond Hard varnish £26.99 vs £35 in B&Q. That was 5-10 years ago.

When Woolworths existed Wilko prices were great. Once Woolys went, all the Wilko prices went up. They are still cheaper on some things than the likes of Tesco, but certainly not always any more, and you should check first.

I know of quite a few products sold by Wilko that are cheaper elsewhere - and that never used to happen.

A new store has opened near where I live, and that absolutely kicks Wilko into touch.

My visits to Wilkinson are a fraction of what they used to be. Higher prices (price jumps of 40% common) staff arguing with you when items/food that is sitting in the reduced section scans as full price.

Only last week I had the supervisor arguing, only for her to be proved wrong when I proved that the items should have been reduced after all.

Another story of getting carried away with yourself and biting the hand that feeds you......


Average pizzas, abysmal service, big question marks on hygeine

Ordered 2 pizzas from them - on a bogof deal. 2 for £15.98.

Sounds great.

Until you go to the store, and have to face a teenager with a face like thunder. Looking at you the same way he probably looks at his parents when he's bad mouthing them.

Very unfriendly service, but when I made the cardinal sin of asking for 4 dips it really went down the drain.

They made me wait 10 minutes (because they had a problem with the till) It was 4 for £1, but I didn't have the exact money, so they needed to get the till open.

You would think at this stage sense would kick in, and they would just give them to you maybe (bearing in mind waiting 10 minutes while your pizzas are going cold)

I just said they could have the £1.10 I had on me (I had popped out quickly just to pick the online-paid pizzas up and didn't have any more cash) and we could call it quits for a couple of extra dips on top.

So 40p for 10 minutes of my time. Sounds reasonable.

Except to them. They said they 'couldn't do it'.

Translated as won't do it/'can't be bothered/don't care.

Thoroughly frustrated by now, the dips were just directed back at them....

The 'manager' (E.Hoy) responsible for customer concern was no better. Very argumentative over the phone, and unable to work out that the cost to Dominos of 4 pizzas would be less than a refund of the money I paid)

For my inconvenience & frustration, I was offered 2 pizzas and 2 sides (about £8 total cost price to make for Dominos)

Or my £15.98 back.

I chose the latter.

All this was on top of the fact I had seen staff at the same branch using a spatular to pick a pizza pan off the floor.

Then use the same spatular to get a pizza out of the oven!

I did wonder if they did that when visited by the Council, who gave them a 5 star hygeine rating....

Ms Hoy, rather than being concerned/shocked/horrified when I told her this merely advised me that I 'wouldn't be able to prove it' as the recordings were wiped after a month.

Good attitude and wonderful service then.

I'm not just saying this, but pizzas you can get in the supermarket (their own brands) seem to have come on a lot. I've had ones from M&S and Asda, and they have been as good as anything from Dominos. And we are talking £2 pizzas.

I've seen the future. Won't be setting foot in Dominos again.

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Great food but can be pricey

I go there in the morning practically every day. £2 for a breakfast foot long, and made how I want. Cannot be beaten.

What does let them down is the lunchtime onwards prices. Obviously they do it cheaper in the morning because it's not so busy, but the breakfast foot long is £2, but lunch (where the only difference would be veggie pattys instead of egg) is approaching £6?? Same bread, same cheese, same salad, just something instead of egg. Not even as well as - in lieu of!

Hence I rarely have the lunch/dinner ones, even though I would like to more often. If I was to buy them for the whole family, I would be spending over £23! That for 4 takeways footlong sandwiches. Expensive huh?

Very nice - very underrated in my opnion - I only started to have them about 2 years ago, and they were much nicer than I thought they would be.

Just a shame the cost of lunchtime onwards is prohibitive.

The vouchers can sometimes be good, but I haven't seen any for a while, and the deals seems to be getting worse.

More 2 for 1s on footlongs please!


Non existent customer service and below par goods

If you enjoy being treated like something that an 18 year old - who has absolutely no idea how to communicate with customers (think Harry Enfields Kevin) has just stepped in - then you need to go to Sports Direct.

Even if you don't necessarily want any assistance, it's still nice to be asked. If doesn't matter if you do or you don't in this place, as they will just ignore you.

Don't expect a please or thank you at the tills either. "That will be £19.99".....make the card transaction, and it gets handed back to you without a word.

I used to think that this place actually sold bargain trainers etc, but I've learnt that low(er) prices usually mean corners cut somewhere. The trainers they have only seem to be available there, and I have had problems with a number of pairs (and I never used to with trainers)

I took 2 pairs back (which after trying on at home) didn't feel right at all. I lost the receipt, but all the tags, and boxes etc (with their labels) were there. They made me wait at the till for 20 minutes while they hunted down the actual transaction on the system.

I could maybe (just maybe) understand that for a refund, but it was only for a credit note!

Customer service at it's very very worst. Chain of course owned by the owner of Newcastle United (who are just about to be sponsored by those parasites Wonga)

Enough said.

Case closed.


The worst and most arrogant shop ever?

Where can I start? From the Tesco in Chelmsford (Princes Road) I have been sold a sandwich 1 day past it's use by date (illegal), fruit nuggets 6 (yes 6) months past their best before date, and a bag of snacks 5 (yes 5) months past their bb date. Whilst selling past the best before date isn't illegal, I would have thought 5 and 6 months was extreme by any standards? I didn't realise you had to go round and study every date on every product just because Tescos can't check their stock properly. I complained both in store, and when I got no response there (even though I was promised one) I tried the helpline in Scotland. Was promised a reply, and none ever came. Tesco just don't care what the customer thinks. They also refuse to honour their own price promise when they overcharge you. And you wonder how many other people they have ripped off (who didn't notice the overcharge) They are losing customers by the lorryload. and I hope they lose a lot more. Asda is far cheaper anyway.

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