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" Phone our Supplier in SPAIN ".....

We booked through OnHotels, for a stay on the 21st September 2012, at an Excellent Hotel in Birmingham.
Unfortunately our stay was unsatisfactory....
We contacted said Hotel, who IMMEDIATELY e.mailed to confirm apologies & that they would confirm to OnHotel to REFUND us in full.

I notified OnHotels of this & they said they would process this as soon as Hotel confirmation received. I then had to ring back a few times as nothing had been done & they back tracked, saying it was their 3rd Party Supplier who would be refunding, not them..... OnHotels then told me if I was unhappy with the speed in which this was taking " I could always Phone the 3rd Party Supplier IN SPAIN"................ EXCUSE ME ??????

It is now 2 full weeks since our stay & I've chased again, to no avail. Apparently it is All the 3rd party suppliers delays, nothing to do with OnHotels.

Well I am sorry, but as I said to OnHotels earlier ( fortuitous that this review was asked fro today )..... I would post a review on here & have already contacted the Hotel concerned to advise of OnHotels Lack of Customer Care or Service.

Our CONTRACT was with OnHotels, The voucher we presented to the Hotel for our stay, was from OnHotels & as such they need to Honour their side & refund us our money ( who & how they get their monies back from - is their issue not OURS !! ). OnHotels holding our Refund is Paramount to THEFT !!!

05 October 2012

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Thanks Mrs Lupson for taking your time to review us. We’re really sorry to read that you experience with us hasn’t been satisfactory. We are enquiring our customers to review their experience with us to improve our service; so comments like yours help us a lot on this task.

Your booking was guaranteed by one of our supplier, which is exceeding its response time on confirming your refund. However, as we have received the confirmation of the full refund from the hotel, we should have refunded you without waiting the response from our supplier. We will look to revise our current procedures so this situation will not happen again in the future.

We have refunded the full amount of your booking. Please, accept our apologies for any inconvenience this problem might have caused you.

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