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<<< UPDATE>>>
Since posting a review on this site I have received and email from Kate Chamberlain at Worldstores.

Although this email was apologetic it was also very impersonal.... For example it started "Dear Sir / madam" and then went on to tell me that they have decided that a good will payment of £40 would make everything right again ( for an order of £560)! How presumptuous! I was not asked if I thought that this would be appropriate, nor do I feel in any way valued as a customer. (Especially when you consider that the bed frame I purchased was £40 dearer than everyone else.) - The only reason I chose to buy from these people in the first place was that they were advertising the bed and mattresses as a complete package and I reasoned that paying £40 over the odds would be better in the long run than having to give up 2 separate days staying in waiting for two different deliveries to arrive - How wrong was I?

I think that this "Dear Sir / Madam" email from their customer care dept. says it all !


<<< Original Post >>>
I decided to order my kids bunkbeds, and although World stores were not the cheapest on line ( by a long shot ) they did profess to have everything I wanted in stock ( bed frame and 2 x matresses) and available for delivery on a day of my choosing.

As it appears that no one can deliver on the weekend ( at least not without charging exorbitant extra charges, ) and not being able to take a day off work to wait in for the delivery, I asked my neighbour if she would mind staying in all day to take delivery for me.

The order confirmation email I received from Worldstores showed the delivery address and the invoice address around the wrong way. I immediately phoned their customer care number to let them know, only to be told that it would take around 30 minutes to appear on their systems, so needed to phone back later! I dutifully phoned back and was assured that this error had been corrected and it was all in stock and would all be delivered that Wednesday.

When I got home from work Wednesday evening ( @ 6:30 pm ) my neighbour told me that there had been no delivery, so I phoned the help line again, to be told that all they could tell me was that it was 'out for delivery' and would probably be delivered that night, probably before 8pm)! Nothing turned up.

The following morning I phoned again, only to be told that delivery had 'failed' and that it was back out again for delivery that day, which was ridiculous as no arrangement had been made for anyone to be in to take delivery. It also turned out that he still had the wrong delivery address! When I pointed out the futility of this they said it was too late to stop the delivery attempt ( as it was already on the van ) and they would try to re-schedule delivery some time the following week - which was no use as I needed the beds for that weekend. Their only suggestion was to offer a refund.

So, still needing a bed for that weekend, and having no other option, I managed to get my work to agree to let me have the remainder of the day off ( having to make up the time ) and rushed home so that I could be in to take delivery.

When the delivery driver finally arrived he told me that the reason he hadn't bothered to turn up was that the day before the he'd been sent to the right road but in the wrong town, and by the time he'd sorted it out he'd run out of hours he was allowed to drive, so just headed back to his yard ( without thinking to let me know. ) He them let it slip that, not only did he initially have the wrong address, but if he had managed to get to my neighbour on the right day, then he would have had to return again as the mattresses didn't arrive until the Thursday morning!

So, I took delivery of 3 very tatty looking boxes ( one of which had burst open in the van, and had 2 screws missing and foot prints all over it ) and managed to assemble the beds, though I needed to use a few of my own screws

When I subsequently complained to Worldstores I eventually received a number of incredibly impersonal, generic, and empty "Dear sir / madam" style apology emails. Eventually they suggested that a refund of the £15 delivery charge would be a suitable way to placate me. ( Bear in mind that I'd spent £560 with them and had to work an extra 7 hours in order to take delivery, not to mention my neighbour wasting a whole day waiting in for a delivery that never came. )

When I let them know just how insulting a £15 goodwill payment seemed they promised to escalate this to their customer service team, who would respond appropriately. That was well over a week ago and I've not heard anything from them ( nor am I expecting to.)

My advice to you ( like many others on this site ) is AVOID these people at ALL COSTS - They are total Muppets !!!!

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05 October 2012

Reply from

Dear Kevin Poulton

Thank you for your feedback, I sincerely apologize for the exeperience you have encountered in regards to delivery.

I do apologize in the way this order has gone, please allow me to investigate into each and every situation concerning this order and would contact you to resolve this matter and restore your faith in us.

Once again I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

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