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This company takes money when not authorised to do so account now suspended

I had used 123-reg for quite some time including web hosting. I decided to go elsewhere for my web hosting as I found 123-reg to be expensive. My web hosting was not on auto renew and I got notifications that it was due to run out the site even went offline due to this. My site was running on a new hosting service and I was saving money.

A year on I noticed a PayPal payment for the full years web hosting paid to 123-reg, something I did not authorise.
I contacted 123-reg and explained my web hosting cancelled a month prior why had this come out? They told me if I wanted to cancel my web hosting I would need to call the number. I again explained the hosting had run out, that no files were on the hosting and was not on auto renew and I wanted a refund, they refused.

As anyone would do I raised a dispute with Paypal and the money was refunded no contact via 123-reg. I tried to log on today to find my account suspended and a number to call. The gent explained that my account was closed due to a Paypal dispute, firstly why did they not argue the dispute at the time? (if they felt they were so right?) secondly my account is now locked so I can't look at prior tickets (crafty!) and third and my main point 123-reg took a payment from me that I did not authorise! When disputed they got in a strop and suspended my account instead of following procedure.

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05 September 2013

Reply from 123 Reg


I work here at 123-reg. I would be more than happy to have a look into your account history and discuss this matter with you further. If you would me to look into this for you please send details of your account over to


The Utility Warehouse

The Good the bad and Utility Warehouse.

I've just moved into my bothers old house, this house has not been lived in for the past 6 months.
The previous tenant moved out in November but kept on paying his direct debit to Utility Warehouse so he ended up being in Credit.
On giving the final meter reading to them (he also has a photo) they turned round and said that couldn't be possible and then claimed he owed them money, even though he hadn't been living in the property for a few months.
I have just moved in to this otherwise empty house and little did anyone know but Utility Warehouse has taken out a Warrant to enter onto the property and fit a card meter.
The issue with this is: The house has been empty so no correspondents have made it through to the correct parties involved, The previous tenant owed no money yet they still pursued it because they wasn't convinced with the meter reading (how does that work?) and they are refusing to put the gas meter back as per the home owners request and even threatening to pursue him for the money a grand total of £84 including fees.
Avoid these jokers they are money grabbing thieves.

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