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Best cashback site!

Gives you just as much cashback as every other cash back website, plus a little more. Sometimes they even have better deals than other similar websites. Like the £40.40 for a £32.95 purchase of 3 months with Weight Watchers for example (expired since I used it). And there is no annual fee. So far, I had no problems getting my cashback!


Best Advice and lots of useful info!

I have used this website on many ocasions and it's always steered me in the right direction. Whether it was finding the right utility company, car insurance, credit card, home insurance or even cheap calls abroad I've never found anywhere cheaper / with better deals after buying / getting the deal, having followed the advise on moneysavingexpert.com. Hopefully they'll keep up the good work :)


Should be: OHnonono.co.uk

These people are unbelievable. They use a really bad courier company and then refuse to give a refund when the items ordered get "lost"! They would have cost me about 580 pounds, but thankfully I disputed the transaction and the bank took care of the rest.
Wouldn't order from them again though as I can't trust them.
To add insult to injury, they sent me an e-mail asking me to review the product!!!

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Delivery? NOT

These people have the nerve to "lose" an order of £581.84! The package was "delivered" while I was at work. I live alone so there was no-one to receive it. However, miracles can happen when it comes to DPD! Because not only did they say that they delivered it, they actually signed for it themselves! Incredibly, the website that sent the item via DPD was equally as bad and refused to provide a refund which of course I did get through my credit card.
Isn't it great being a delivery guy? You can go to people's places and if they're not in you can just sign for it yourselves and take it home! Or at least that's what DPD seem to think...

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08 October 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Danae,

If your parcel was signed for by someone you didn't authorise you should contact us at socialmedia@dpd.co.uk immediately so that we can investigate and retrieve it for you. I'm sorry that this has happened. Also, if you cannot receive the parcel at home why not arrange to have it delivered to your workplace?




This is the last time I order!

Hello my friend,
I have five words for you: do not order from hungryhouse. Why you ask? I'll tell you why.
1. When anything goes wrong, there is no phone number to call.
2. This 'voice your opinion' website is the first I hear(/read) about the "live chat" on Facebook, in responses to other people's feedback. Their 'Contact Us' page does not even mention it!
3. Things do go wrong. If they didn't, I would have been more forgiving on the lack-of-contact-number front.
4. I gave hungryhouse many chances and they have failed me more times than not. Over the past few deliveries I've experienced the following issues:
a. Really bad food from a certain restaurant (FU ON). They shouldn't even have it listed, that's how bad it is! Give hungryhouse another chance, try a different restaurant - I said to myself.
b. On another occasion, money was taken from my account and then the order was not allowed by the website even though it was 30min before restaurant closing time. The website should not allow the payment to go through if the restaurant is not accepting orders! No way of finding out how I'll get my money back and no e-mail or text message to inform me that they automatically refund the next day. So I thought I'd wait for the next time I order and leave it as credit on my account. Imagine the panic attack I had when the next time I logged on the credit wasn't there! I checked my statement and found the refund and then dug out their terms and conditions to find out that there is an automatic process, but it wasn't straightforward to find. I didn't complain, thought I'd give them another chance...
c. On a different day an order took 20mins to be cancelled without giving reason! Hungryhouse replied to my e-mail 3 days later to tell me that the restaurant cancelled the order because "they didn't have paper left in the machine to print out the order". Really? No pen or paper either? Pencils? Crayons? Chalk? That was Metro Pizza. Anyway, on the day of this order after cancellation I ordered from another place 'cause I was really hungry and didn't feel like cooking!
d. And it turns out that the second place I ordered from, even though very quick in terms of delivery, had a lower than average pizza :( Perfect Pizza is not only less than perfect, it is worse than the cheap pizzas you'd find at the only places open late enough to go to after a drinking night out in Central London!
e. Today was the last straw. I tried to order and got a success page. When I checked my e-mail I found two confirmations! They somehow managed to duplicate the order. I called the restaurant and had the orders cancelled, as there was no phone number to call hungryhouse. In fact they said they hadn't received anything yet and said they'd cancel when they get a call from hungryhouse. On that note, their FAQs state that "the likelihood that your order will be sent by phone is quite slim" however I have seen more comments here saying it was done by phone and I know this one would be by phone, so it looks like there's an awful lot of orders made by them via phone. Wasn't aware of that, no wonder they have got things wrong in the past!

I have now decided I will not order from them again. From what I can see in others' reviews, there are other options out there.

And one other thing; all my August reviews seem to have vanished! Good job hungryhouse, delete all the text from the reviews so that people cannot get any useful piece of information. Well done! *thumbs down*

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