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Merlin Cycles Ltd

Greetings from Denmark! Great bargins fast delivery, 3 days.good protectet packing.

Great great great!
I will do as Arnold Swartsnegger Said.... I WILL BE BACK !


Serius people. . With lots of english humor! !

Greetings from Denmark . Called them about a Lynskey frame, started with saying I did hope they understand what i was saying, because my english isnt that good.
Peter Flett answared : I bet your English is 10 times better than my Danish!
Them the nervusness and the ice broken.
I ended up buying the frame (the cheapest price in Europe) and a pair custumbuild 700c wheels with disc for my bike.
They dont Care about my English in writing or speaking, and we takled and wrote alot.
I Think their entusiasme for giving me the right thing, and not just what I wanted, was great. I will say just Arnold says : I will be back! !


Werry good products I will be back

Compared to Chainreaction Wiggle and Fatbirds its quilte confusing to ordre from you.
My ( old) moher in law. Who usles a computer nearly every day, couldnt dó it on your homepage.why dó you need a passworld? If you has been ordering before! You cant get in if your mail adress has been registred before, and you has forgotten your passworld?
I ordered and when I was ready to use my £5 voucher. . BAM! I had to pay. Culdnt go back on the page and try again.
That made mé a little upset, so I called you. And I ewen gave you my CREDITCARD NUMBER! So you could put the £5 back on my account. Notning has happend!!
VOUNCHER CODE ZDO812/3 online code 0812D.
I do hope its some werry good produsts.
Because ordering. . . . . I Think is been doing on a werry bad way
But maybe its just me, who might is a dum dane
Best regards
Bjarne Holm Madsen
Ps. Fatbirds send my custum build wheels, and titanium frame ( bicycling ) friday, I got it tuesday. It took 9 days for your produkts to come.
And I am werry pleased with that extra box of multiguard active tablets you send to me with no extra cost! Thank you werry much!

I øde etage min weekend . . . . .FANTASTISK!

Bestilte 2 gange 5 L motorolie. Til en pris som jeg som "simpel"elektriker ikke har fundet billigere nogen steder. En automekaniker ven anbefalede jer.
Bestilte det torsdag eftermiddag, efter jeg var kommet hjem fra arbejde. Desværre stod det ved min hoveddør( som aftalt) fredag da jeg kom hjem. Og så måtte jeg jo skifte olien på direktørens(udtales min hustru) allerrede i denne weekend.
Der lå oveni 2 klister mærker til motorrummet. Til at skrive dato og kilometer på.
Betaling via dankort, som sku være lige så sikkert på nettet som i alm.foretninger.
Ka kun sige som Arnold Swartsnegger I WILL BE BACK!

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