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Dive Right In Scuba


Amazing company. I've yet to have any issues with ordering from them. They provide great products, and the fellas who work there are insanely knowledgeable on what they're talking about. Really friendly as well. There's not a chance in the world that I would ever start getting my SCUBA supplies from anywhere else.

Just overall great

My sister was getting married and we just couldn't find a dress that she wanted locally. She was just going to settle on one, but mom told her she shouldn't have to settle on her wedding day. Of course, I got stuck with trying to find an online source with dresses that she would actually like. Thankfully, PSBridal popped up when a friend commented on Facebook that they had used it before. The shipping was a bit slow, but that was due to a mistake on my part. My sister absolutely loved the dress. Now... if only she could've picked a better fella lol.


Perfect setup

I've used other sites with "lessons" on them before, but it's always been difficult to get engaged on these sites. Ecareers, however, keeps it interesting and informative by using videos and pictures. I absolutely adore the site and choosing it has paid off several times over.


Saves me a ton of money

I stumbled on to Coupon Shoebox while looking for a way to save money on my cable. After finding promotional codes that got me a year's worth of cable and Internet at an insanely low price, I kept looking around the site. Now, I check out the website before I make ANY online purchase, and more often than not, I end up finding great coupon codes that actually work on my favorite sites. I'm absolutely hooked and think I'd go nuts without this site at my disposal.


A great way to wean yourself off cigarettes

I started smoking heavily around 17 and continued without even thinking about stopping until I was 25. At that time, I decided to opt for the easy way out and take Chantix. It wasn't terrible, and the vivid nightmares that people complained about were actually kind of cool. It worked great and I wasn't smoking for 2 months, but then one night of drinking, I had a few thinking I wouldn't want anymore the next day. Yeah, I was wrong. Right back to the habit.

I got V2 cigarettes because my friend recommended them, and honestly, they're working great. I am getting the same feeling that I have when I smoked cigarettes, but I'm not getting light headed or coughing at night. It's an amazing product, and I hope to keep using it until I just don't need nicotine at all anymore.

MoneyNing Personal Finance

Undoubtedly amazing

There's no other word for this site than "amazing". It is full of little "life hacks" meant to save you money and avoid getting taken advantage of. I've saved money on everything from trips to the grocery store to out of town vacations by using this site. I even get a little philosophy every so often, such as the case with a recent posting about what baseball can teach you about tipping.

It's a great site with great content, and it's updated consistently, so I always know I'm going to get a gem whenever I visit the site. I seriously hope they stay around for a while, because I'll definitely be using them.

Faucet Town USA

The extra mile

Faucet Town really does go above and beyond anything I would've expected. They made sure that I got my products quickly and without any hassle. Their faucets are absolutely amazing, and the range of choices available is mind boggling. I even picked up one of those automated vacuums after my initial purchase, because the price was just so good and, when combined with the customer service, there was no way they weren't going to get my return business.


Do reviews go lower than 1 star?

Seriously... I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Unless they killed my entire family... and then I'd recommend it. Was on vacation in Europe and found out a few of my favorite bands were going to be together at a show within an hour of where I was. I picked out the first company I found online... unfortunately this one... and have regretted it ever since.

ZERO customer service. Literally... none. Couldn't get a hold of them when my tickets didn't arrive by the day of the show. I was willing to pick them up from somewhere if I could've just got help. Ended up having to buy tickets from a scalper, paying much more than they were worth, AND THEN couldn't get a refund because they "assured" me that the tickets were shipped.


I REALLY hope everyone is reading this before using onlineticketexpress :(

RTA Cabinet Store

Best pricing for quality that I've come across

I moved into my new home knowing that I would need to replace the cabinets, but it turned out to be much harder to find cabinets that went well in my kitchen than I had thought. On top of that, my wife wanted to have a leading role in choosing the cabinets, and the local hardware store wasn't really impressing her.

I went to RTA Cabinet Store on the suggestion of one of my friends. Their selection was honestly the most vast that I've ever seen, and the prices were incredibly low. The store wasn't local to my location, but they quickly shipped out the cabinets that I ordered. Amazingly enough, the cabinets were pretty simple to install... so much in fact that I was able to let my 11 year old son help.

My favorite part, however, was that the company allowed a person to order cabinet doors on their own. This allowed us to not just guess what a certain set of cabinets would look like in our home; we actually got to see the design in action before making a big purchase.

If I ever need cabinets again, RTA is definitely where I'll be going.

It's insane

I felt like a complete idiot after I had paid off my trip on a study abroad expedition at my college and then realized I hadn't applied for my passport. If I had went through the normal methods, the earliest I would've received my passport is 2 weeks after my departure date. I got desperate and was willing to try anything... luckily I found I had my passport in hand with plenty of time to spare. And South Africa was awesome :)


You simply couldn't ask for more

I travel... way too often in my opinion. This is just how my job works out. I can deal with McDonalds every so often, but it gets old after a while. gives me all of the great local restaurants that I could want with a simple search. I've even been able to buy a few last minute gifts at the site, so I'm loving it.

Identity Guard®

Great protection that's actually free to try out.

I found Identity Guard after hearing my neighbors horror story of how her daughter's credit had been ruined from her aunt using her social security number to get cell phones. I trust everyone in my family, but simply knowing that bad people can enter into contracts with just a social security number was enough to scare me. One of the greatest things about Identity Guard was the fact that each level of membership actually offered a 2 week free trial. I didn't find many other companies that offered this. I opted for the cheap route and went for the 'Silver' membership, but even the features that this level offers are enough to keep me confident that my credit and my family's credit won't be damaged. Loving this company.

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