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Appear very competitive, with the 15 weeks free insurance - the premiums about half of what I was paying for the same level
of cover.

Not claimed yet (hopefully, won't have to) - so can't comment
on that side of things.


ASICS - Did some one miss the B off ????

Purchased a pair of size 8 Asics Gel Lethal Hybrid 3 rugby boots for just over £100, for my 12 year old son.

Upon arrival looked stunning / were very comfy – he had worn the boots on approximately 15 occasions, and they were well looked after.

Despite this, a sizeable gap appeared on the heel of the boot between the blue cushioning and white (harder plastic sole) as the bonding between the two materials appears to be inadequate.

I contacted ASICS asking for their comments saying I would appreciate their comments and ideally like the boots replacing (as otherwise the boots seem to be excellent)

I offered to send a digital photo showing the nature of the deterioration if required, but I received no response

Not what I expected from a major brand - but hey they are so large and well established, why worry about the consumer ?? or even better still don't acknowledge their existence by ignoring their emails !!


Cross Trainer Model CE 3.6E

Purchased above machine about 12 months ago,
when on offer.

Quality Very Good, still going strong.


Chillblast - Should be blasted into space

Purchased PC was hoping for great things......, but: -

Paid for premium delivery - delivered arrived very late requested refund but did not receive offered.

Paid for over clocking PC was supplied without this.

Other issues include unit fitted with a Corsair SSD, a model which was defective model supposed to have been recalled.
Machine is subsequently prone to freezing

Dead pixel on expensive Asus monitor.

I have sent at least 3 e-mails to chillblast, but have never received a reply. .

Quick to enough to take your money, but slower on delivery
and non existent on customer service.

16 October 2012

Reply from Chillblast

Dear Mark

We are terribly sorry that you had a disappointing experience with Chillblast and I have checked your order history. I can see that your order was placed with us on 01-12-11 with a Saturday delivery requested. With a Saturday delivery we send the machine out the first Friday after it is ready and our lead time at the time was advised as 7-10 working days. Your order was delivered on the 17-12-11 (a Saturday). I see there was a problem with delivery in that you did not receive your screen and keyboard with the main system, and a £15 compensationary refund was returned to your card on the 20-12-11. You emailed us once on the 16-06-12 asking for overclocking instructions and we replied before 8am on the following day. A bounce was received immediately stating the email was undeliverable: "The email account that you tried to reach does not exist". I would be very happy to resolve any issues you have with your PC personally, and rest assured we always reply to emails in a very timely manner. The address to send any correspondence to is, and my name is Ben. If you mark an email for my attention I will personally reply to you and see that you receive the best service. I am certain that we can solve the problem with your instability and return your system to working order.

Thank you very much

Sales Director

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