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IF I COULD HAVE GIVEN ZERO STARS I WOULD HAVE.......This is Probably the Worst Company in the UK - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM - You have been warned!!!!

Until I started to look at a variety of blogs of those that have purchased items from Currys, I thought we were the first, but I have now found hundreds and hundreds of Currys Customers who have been treated in similar ways!!! How they are still in business and not the continual subject of Television, Radio, & Newspaper shock and horror programmes / articles I will never know - BUT THEY HAVE GOT AWAY SCOTT FREE FOR TOO LONG - THEY NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS BY BEING BOYCOTTED!!!!!

My son purchased a Sony HX20 Black for £289.99 from Curry’s Meadowhall Sheffield on 10/07/12 (Receipt No: 040851 – timed at 13.14 hours) when he was at University in Sheffield for a year studying for his Masters Degree, after a 4 year BSc at Birmingham (we actually live in Stourbridge, West Midlands).
Unlike a TV, Vacuum, Radio, PC, etc, etc, etc - that is used every day and thus gets a great deal of use, you only use a camera probably 4-5 times a year when you need it – but my son has even been deprived by CURRYS of even this usage and has no photos to show for a series of hard earnt holidays that he wanted it for – with another holiday to Croatia coming up in 6 days time – AND YET AGAIN NO CAMERA TO TAKE WITH HIM – BECAUSE OF CURRYS!!
[2] Currys refused to replace it or refund him on each and every one of the 3 ocassions to date that it has gone faulty.
[3] Fault 1 had the camera sent off to Currys AVS Horley Ltd repair company on 11 October 2012 for replacement of the faulty shutter – eventually it was returned – losing almost 2 months possible camera use!!.
[4] Fault 2 had the camera again sent off to Currysy AVS Horley Ltd repair company on 29 April 2013 this time because you could not turn the camera on – eventually it was returned – losing another almost 2 months possible camera use!!.
[5] Fault 3 has now ocurred – this time being ‘multiple’ and YET AGAIN CURRYS WILL NOT REPLACE IT OR REFUND HIM!!!, they want it sent off to CURRYS AVS Horley Ltd repair company – the fault this time is that the zoom is not working fully – it only zooms in part way + the camera now does not focus + black spots are now visible on the display screen!!!!
[6] My son carefully looks after everything that he has, given the value of this item – bought when he was still a student & having to work every hour that he could part time whilst at Uni to be able to live and to be able to buy something like this that is supposed at nearly £300 to be a ‘premier product’!!! He always keeps this in bubble wrap inside the insulated case that he also bought for it!!!!!
[7] Currys hide their Head Office contact details, their company directors and the PA's to directors. Their Customer Services is a TOTAL SHAM.
[8] As Trading Standards official told me off the record ''This company has a long, long history of customer service issues and it's a great shame when you see companies with good customer services like Comet, Jessops etc going to the wall, that Currys weren't for the benefit of the general public, the first to go!!. It has its own Terms and Conditions very cleverly put together to stay 'just but barely legal' in UK Law. My advice would be to use them to look for a product, before walking out of the door and buying it elsewhere.
[9] They need to be named and shamed by the National Media - which is what I am now looking to do via BBC Watchdog etc, but I know that it will be the Court case that will be my best chance of damaging their sales and profits - my new goal in life now I'm retired..........and I've never failed to achieve a goal!!!!!!

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Linx Beds

Proof That You Can Buy with Confidence without Seeing or Trying!!!

Having found the 'Beds2U' Company on the Internet as we were looking to purchase two - 3 foot x 6 foot 4 inch single beds, that could be transposed into a Super King-size Double - using the Zip Link system, without seeing or trying - but going from recommendations............

In July/August 2012, we ordered from them, a Zip Link Super King-size top of the range base with storage (to take the King-size or 2x Single bed bedding when not in use), with twin top of the range Zip Link Memory Foam topped Mattresses. and two Faux Leather Headboards. At £850 we deemed this reasonable if the quality was as recommendations said that it was from this company.

Our order arrived, on time and very, very well packaged. We subsequently opened the packages and put the beds together - finding that WE were NOT to be Disappointed.........all items were of excellent quality.

As a result we immediately purchased another Faux leather Headboard - this time for a King-size bed, and, on arrival although there was a minor problem picked up - due not to the ''Beds2U'' Company or their packaging, but to a small problem in transit; Beds2U's 'hands-on' Director Mr Peter Hawes immediately resolved the problem to our full satisfaction.

We will be purchasing another King-size Double bed again shortly, and in doing so we will most definitely order from 'Beds2U'. We can and would Highly Recommend them - and we have from our own personal experience proved that You Can Buy with Confidence without Seeing or Trying!!!!

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