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Well...as a lot of you I wish I had gone elsewhere! However at the time we desperately needed a new dining room set and wanted a modern black glass one. On the Harveys site we saw just the one we were looking for, and at half-price, so ordered it. It arrived approx: 8 weeks later (which I expected) and I had emailed a couple times during that time to check the status of the delivery as there was no update on the tracking. Also as after I had ordered I came across the hundreds of bad reviews on Harveys, so this left me feeling somewhat apprehensive as to, 1: Would I ever see my dining set? 2: Would it arrive unscathed? However I had a couple emails back, days later, but better late than never I guess, and then a phone-call saying it would be delivered the next Saturday (which it was). The two delivery men were very accommodating and polite, always refreshing - and worth mentioning, as many aren't. I unpacked it, assembled the chairs, and waited for my partner to arrive home so he could help me with the table. Once assembled it was lovely, but..........on one side of one of the chairs there were two pre-drilled holes. At first I thought I had missed something, yet could not see how anything should, or would screw in to these holes...they also still had some metal partially covering them, which I had to pick off. These holes were obviously accidentally drilled due to a manufacturing error, and serve no purpose - they just look ugly. Another slight annoyance is that on assembling the table we noticed there is a small area where the black finish has come off - to one side of the table top...but it is small (about 6mm) and aligned with the table seam, so not too noticeable...but still, not acceptable. We have had to turn the table around the other way, so it is facing inwards, hence we cannot see it . This is a bit annoying as I say, but we can live with it - just! Plus we really couldn't be bothered to have this sent back (after already having waited 8 weeks for the set) because of it.

Anyway I decided I would email Harveys and point out these two flaws. I had an email back apologising and saying I had two options...1: I could have a complete new set sent, or 2: I could have 25% of the price back. I chose to have the 25% back as I could really not be doing with waiting another 8 weeks, disassembling this one, and reassembling another set. I was told the cheque would be sent out and be with me within 7 working days. After 8 days I emailed them to let them know I had not received the cheque..I had a reply back saying they were sorry for the delay and it would be 3-5 working days from then (What?...ok!) Anyway it has now been 16 days and...no cheque! I have emailed again and .... this time with a somewhat frustrated tone and said..." I cannot believe it takes so long to print and pop a cheque in the post!". Well.....what a surprise.....no reply! I have to say this company seriously lacks in customer care and also the quality of their furniture. I will NEVER buy from Harveys again. I wish I had looked elsewhere, I will be in the future! Also my parents ordered a sofa and a reclining arm-chair, and after 2 years the arm-chair seat and one arm collapsed and so it was taken to the dump! This was a very expensive suite! I thought their bad experience was a one-off, if only I had known, plus read these reviews here first!

Worth mentioning: I think the only reason they were slightly courteous at the beginning (before I received the dining set) was because I sent them the link to 'Trustpilot' so they could read the reviews on them. I did this as to explain my emailing them with my concerns about delivery. Now they have my money and the goods are with me, they obviously feel no need to bother with me. THEY NEVER ANSWER THEIR PHONE EITHER! I have tried ringing 3 days in a row and all I get is the same mundane, irritating voice.... "We apologise for the delay, your call is important to us (yea right!) and will be answered as soon as one of our advisers becomes available". I have been on the phone for 20 minutes each time, before hanging up before I spit fire! Pfffffttt!!!!!!!!! I am STILL WAITING FOR MY CHEQUE! Has this company been on Watchdog? If not, they should be!

I finally got through after another trying morning on the phone, and spoke to the most dumbest woman ever, who told me they have been waiting for my email response as the cheque couldn't be made out in my name without my partners permission....well *******LIES******* as I emailed them back the same day saying "It is fine to have the cheque made out to him". While on the phone to this muppet, I checked my sent emails and verified this, she had no answer (surprise-surprise). She then asks if she can put me on hold while she issues the cheque (I said "As long as I am not on hold for long!")... it was 3 minutes. She comes back to the phone and says, "It is fine, can I put you on hold for another moment though, while I send the cheque verification email?". FFS!!!!!! After another 3 minutes on hold, she comes back and says it is all done and will be with me in, wait for it.................21 days! Now, (seething more and more by now) I say, "21 days?". Her response (in a very dull, drippy way) was..."Yeaaa". I ask how on earth it can take 21 days to print and send a cheque, when I was first told it would take 5 days! When asking her questions: I lost count of how many times she replied "I'm afraid I can't answer that"....can she answer anything????? Has her frontal lobe been removed?

This company is just the absolute shit of shits! Fob-off, after fob-off, after fob-offf! I have no faith I will ever see this cheque!

iShoe Ltd.

Waste of time, unhelpful customer service and left me out of pocket!

I used this site for the first time ever recently as they had the 'Mojo' boots (UGG style) and I wanted to buy them a s a gift for my daughter for Christmas. I ordered her usual size - after speaking to a moderator on their 'Live Chat' where I specifically asked if I should order the UK size 6 (which my daughter is and has always been in every shoe and boot) or to go a size smaller (as you do with Uggs). I was reassured to go ahead and definitely order a 6 as they are true to size. Well the 6 arrived and I was so disappointed, as they were massive!!!!!! They were more like a size 7! I put my foot in one and they swamped me (I am also a size 6). I emailed 'ishoe' and said that I was returning them and they said to make sure I included the £5 re-postage fee in order for them to send another pair in a size 5. I asked if they could please consider waiving the extra £5 re-postage fee as I believed I was misinformed and this was not my fault...it was theirs. They said that they would inspect them on return and see if they were coming up as a size 6...if any problems they would waive the re-postage fee. On receiving them back they sent me an email to say she had also got two of her colleagues (who were both size 6) to try them on; and she said she can confirm that they were a true size 6, hence she would not waive the re-postage fee for me! Well, sorry but I cannot believe that they were a true size 6 - no way. Anyway the size 5 arrived the next day and they were still huge! I at first thought they had cocked up and resent the size 6 by mistake, but no, size 5' was clearly labelled inside the boot. Well I was clearly disappointed once again and decided to just give up! This had already cost me £5 to have the boots sent to me in the first place, then £5 to send them back, and then a further £5 re-postage fee to have the size 5 sent, and then another £5 to have the 5 sent back. £20 in total, almost the price of the boots alone! And they never waived a single penny! So I was left bootless and out of pocket! And the company did not seem to give a toss! Even to waive just £5 as a gesture of goodwill would have been something! That's good customer service for you! And whatever this company say, these Mojo boots are not standard sizes! I would never use them again.

Ligo Electronics

No problems here!

I ordered my son a pair of the 'Platronics' headphones from 'Ligo' on the 2nd of October, as they were no longer available on Amazon; and other places had all sold out!

I only read these bad reviews once I had ordered them - and then I had my concerns! I had not received them 3 days later so rang the number I found on here and spoke to a staff-member - who assured me that they were sent out that day and would be with me the following day or next. As promised, I received them today Saturday 6th. They were packaged well and the item is as expected. I have not put them to the test yet as they are a present for my sons birthday...so we shall see :) But I had to give my view on this company as good...as they didn't fail to deliver.

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