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Kaplan International Colleges

The happiest experience!

I was able to do a splendid experience in PLI Toronto school.
My teacher taught English very carefully.He always showed us it with a gentle look.Therefore I was able to ask him a question in peace.The class was an always pleasant atmosphere not formal contents.It was the contents using a game and the quiz.
It raised English understanding.

Another teacher was a wonderful teacher.He always pleased us by splendid power of expression.It raised our understanding.
It was the teacher who was easy to always get close with a smile.

I came to be able to do a conversation in one month.Various conversations were possible with the staff of a hotel and the shop.I think that this is because these two teachers taught it.

Other teachers and staff were kind, too.When a problem occurred, I coped hard.

I love English now.
And I love PLI Toronto.
I want to learn English from the same teacher again by all means in the same school.

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Michiyo Aoyagi
Urayasu, United States