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This web store cannot be trusted

My first small order with was more or less ok, it arrived within a month. 3 months later, I placed the 2nd order with them. This one never arrived. The tracking number only shows it was accepted for mailing at some postal office in China, but nothing more. I cannot even be sure the tracking number they gave me was really for my order.

All attempts to contact Chinabuye customer service were complete waste of time. First, they replied with general polite talk asking me to wait a little more, again and again. After two weeks of senseless correspondence they kind of stopped responding, hoping I would forget about them. Clearly, their goal was to sit through 45 days allowed for PayPal dispute to be opened. They took my money and did not care much about anything else.

45 days have passed, but I tried to get some reply from them again and again, and the same game of empty promises renewed. Various excuses were brought one after another, including slow customs operations and even "18th national congress" to be held in Beijing (which is very far from the city where their office is located). Finally, three months after the order "was shipped", they put forward an idea of me buying more stuff from them so they would give me a "discount" as a compensation for the lost order - but only if I order something for $80 or more. All further emails to their support resulted in exactly the same mechanical reply: order for $80 more and we will gladly send you a replacement for the lost item. All this was accompanied with scoffing assurances like this:

"Please believe that we're sincerely want this issue get good resolved,we're not asking you to pay 80USD more for the goods not received,instead,you will get the items value 80USD together with the not recieved ones.That's the best offer we have,we don't want to lose a good buyer such as your kind.Please have a good consideration"

or like this:

"We also don't want this unhappy issue happen,since it was,we hope both of us could be together to solve the issue,what do you think?Please have a good consideration on our proposal."

Of course, I am not going to pay them a single dollar more.

Now, I do not believe those detailed positive reviews about this site on the Internet. Only their own customer support people could write such reviews which look like shameless self-promotion, even wording itself. They do not hesitate to include numerous SKU numbers for specific items for sale at their site - real reviewers would never do that.

Do not trust Do not trust their faked self-promoting reviews. Do not trust their customer service promises when they reply to you. Open PayPal dispute with them no later than in 30 days. Never order moderately expensive items from them. And better stay away from them at all.

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