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Check the small print very very carefully!

I found random sizing across and even within ranges which means exchanges will be inevitable. Don't be fooled though. Returns are free (if you are lucky) but exchanges cost postage over and over again. Returns are via a local 'man in a car' and any delay caused by him will likely cost you a £3 penalty per item.

First order offers I found are not worth bothering with either. Unless you get all sizing right first time (which will be a miracle) you will be charged full price and extra postage for replacements.

On my first order I had to pay 25% extra due to small print and premium rate numbers.

If you use their credit in my opinion you will be literally skinned alive.

Pity because if they operated fairly they could be useful.

They are of course JD Williams. Just check other manifestations like Premier Man for same small print.


Thank goodness for Amazon!

I have to say I find Amazon the best source for most things. Few high street shops even come close to the customer service offered by Amazon and even those that try (JL etc) can't compete with range and price which is incredible.
Amazon have recently been swinging prices wildly though so you have to time it right to maximise benefit. I use a price tracker site such as camel camel camel which gives an insight on what they have been up to.
Service is excellent and even free delivery is usually within a week.
If something is wrong Amazon will always sort it. The returns process can be a bit hit and miss but if a refund does not arrive just contact them and they have never failed to help and sort it out. My only cause of friction has been Yodel failing to collect returns which wastes a day but Amazon insist on using them for return of some items - this alone losses them a star.
Service on Amazon Market Place can vary but is still usually good. Expect to pay for postage and for returns though as Amazon will not hold a reseller to account unless item has not arrived etc. This is a bit of a pain and watch out because Amazon may list a Market Place seller as first option for sale and sometimes you may not notice.
Kindle books can also be bought without risk as they are sold with a 7 day refund. This means you can make sure it is what you thought and that it suits before you lose your money. Sales at Kobo and others are final so if you bought £50 worth of text book on the strength of the limited excerpt and it does not suit with Kobo - then tough with Amazon you can simply buy another or save your money. Similar guarantees are given with Audible content (Audible are another Amazon company) where if a title isn't what you wanted then it can be returned for credit - simple. I hate DRM but at least Amazon are using it to protect content so that they can offer a return service - what is kobo's excuse?


Loyalty - what loyalty?

The Toys R Us loyalty scheme is a joke. As you would expect you collect loyalty points with every purchase. Eventually you get a statement. but here is the trick/con. The earned points are converted into discount vouchers and not into credit to spend. The vouchers are specific to particular product so although the statement will advise that you have been issued £150 of coupons this will be made up of a coupon for £2 of this toy is you spend £20, £5 of that toy if you spend £50 etc. so you would have to spend a fortune on all sorts of rubbish to save £150 . You will be very lucky if infact you can use any coupon on something that you want. What a con - not even worth carrying the card.

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You need eyes in the back of your head

We like to visit Hamleys with the kids when we get a chance. On our last visit we bought some of the toys that are demonstrated on the many stands around the shop. We find these most interesting as the shelf stock to be honest is much the same as anywhere else. This time we found one of these offers a bit of a pain though. There were three variations of one craft kit. The pricing however was bundled into two's. So one kit was £10 or buy two kits for £15 so the third kit was at full price. This made no sense and they are probably missing a trick there. The biggest hassle though was on another stand where we were sold the 'large' product on special offer reduced from £40 to £28 and indeed it was priced at £28. We were however charged £40 at the till which we didn't notice until we had left London and looked at the receipt. I have called Hamleys twice already but they seem incapable of refunding the overcharge. Contact is also hit and miss over non geographic telephone numbers that cost the caller a fortune to be messed around. Disappointing this time!


Hard Work! - if you need an incentive to loose weight then Bigaclothing could be it.

When I came across Bigaclothing I was initially impressed with their product range. Stock was a bit limited but I managed to codge together what I thought would be a couple of good waterproof coats by getting bigger sizes. Delivery was a bit hit and miss but they eventually arrived. The coats were reasonable quality but were absolutely massive. The Black one was however in fact Navy and this was not a mistake as the Navy colour shown on the label had been obliterated with a marker pen. The order therefore had to be returned whatever. I sent them by courier fortunately as even after a week after they had reached Biga and despite several e-mails I could not get any response at all from them. In the end I raised a dispute with Paypal and surprise surprise ten minutes later I get an offer for a partial refund. The offer does not include original postage but life is too short to argue with these types. Biga could have potentially been the new source of my clothing but after a desperate returns procedure and insight into doing business with them I now have the incentive to loose weight!


Watch out - I found it hard to leave once you start your trial and subscription.

I've been using Usenext for over a year. The service has been OK but you have little idea what you download until you do and I would guess most content is pirated and therefore useless and it frequently contains viruses. It was OK for watching some US TV series but I got a bit fed up after a while and decided to cancel my subscription. I did this and cancelled the paypal automatic payment as well. It seems matters then got a little out of control. I received an offer of another free trial which I did not take up and despite this Usenext confirmed I needed to take no further action. I assumed all was well at that point. But then I started to get demands for payment for access after our agreement had been cancelled and after my access had ended. These demands included penalty charges on top of subscription charges that I did not want and could not use. The demands included links that required my response but directed me to missing pages. I tried to communicate with them but they use a message portal which does not confirm the content of your message for your records and invokes the usual numb call center reply. In the end I had to send a recorded letter to them. If I subscribed again, which is unlikely after my recent experience, I would confirm my cancellation by recorded mail so that I can not be scammed.

Usenext - subscribers will come and go. This has to be their decision. You rightly have control and allow access after payment up front so you can not loose. Trying to trap customers will mean they are less likely to return. I would probably have come back for a while after a break of a few months but not after this experience. It is simply not worth the hassle.


Total Time Wasting Rogues

Placed my order and my credit card was charged immediately. A month passed and no goods arrived. Contacted WAE+ who eventually advised they could not get the items. My order was cancelled and all requests to chase my refund have been ignored. Impossible to reach them by telephone as they are either unconcerned or under barrage from dissatisfied customers and further emails are ignored. In my experience to compare this outfit with Amazon is ridiculous. My advice is stay well away from WAE+.

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Rubbish Company

Ordered two items allegedly in stock but also known to be in stock at the distributor in the UK. Over a week later my order status is 'order placed' which I sought of figured out as I placed it. Company won't answer their phone, won't answer voice messages or e-mails direct or via Paypal. I know delays can occur but the least I expect is to be kept informed which is impossible with Gameseek. Stay well away.

Refunded via Paypal

A week later the item came into stock. Foolishly I reordered two but only one was delivered. Can't get a response so back to paypal again.

This company are a joke.

They are only local to me so I may pay them a visit next time I am in their neck of the woods. Can't wait to see what I find. Will let you all know.

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