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bad customer service

i have ordered some wooden blinds and i was first told i would get them 6 days after i ordered them, so i booked the day off, i then was told on the working day before that they wasnt go to be me until the tuesday, so i booked the tuesday off of work, and i have sat in all day waiting for them and i thought something was right, so i phoned up and i have found out that they gave me the wrong day and that i will get them tomorrow, but this isnt for sure as it is an 'eta'. i have now used up 3 days holiday waiting in for my blinds. i am really not happy about this. I am rather upset about this as i was planning to buy a lot of blinds from this company, but i cant take 3 days holiday everytime i decorate a room.

24 October 2012

Reply from Made to Measure Blinds Ltd

Dear Miss Bastable.

As per my last email I have now perused all the information.

I am upset at your actions, the Trustpilot service is offered to our customers to provide factual feed back good or bad; but I do feel that your actions and misgivings are not our fault as follows:

Your order was received on Monday 1st October, you were then informed by 2nd October 9.13 that we only had enough stock to make 2 of the 3 blinds and one blind would go on backorder for ETA of around the 15th October.

Our customers can request an tracking report on any order but we ask this to made on the fifth working day as a consignment reference is not released by the courier until the order has left despatch and been logged. We received an email from Mr Stannard requesting a delivery day for the two blinds that could be made on the 3rd October at 7.54am although previous email had been sent via ourselves explaining too early to track.

Consequently with the data we had we were only able to furnish ETA dates. These dates have been miss interpreted by yourself as delivery days.

On the 5th October M2Mblinds informed via email that the eta of Monday 8th October had now been changed to the 9th October.

Under no circumstances has M2MBlinds guaranteed a five day delivery this has been presumed by yourself. We aim to do this and 95% of our orders do achieve this but we do not guarantee this.

With regards to your pervious order and this order you have placed with M2MBlinds you would have agreed to the terms & conditions, so you are aware that we have 30 days to deliver an order to a customer,

I hasten to say we have never so far taken this time to furnish a customer order. (This condition is pretty standard in the industry- many websites or mail order companies have a 28-30 day policy)

You placed your order on the 1st October, (told 2 blinds could be released and the 3rd was on back order) and received two blinds by 11th October. This has been 10 working days well within the limit of 28 days and I understand you have also received the back order so your order is complete.

You will also be aware that via the terms & conditions a third party is used to deliver blinds in your case City link.

And likewise as explained above a high percentage of the parcels placed in their hands are delivered on time correctly but a small percentage will not be it is not humanly possible.

Therefore I conclude you have been fully informed about the process of your order and any queries have been dealt with promptly and delivery has been made well within 30 days.

Shopping via the internet due to parties being involved to produce/deliver an order, it is impossible to guarantee a delivery day, only predict the best to our ability and pass the information on to our customers.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide for our customers and this is reflected in our Trustpilot reviews.

Yours sincerely,


Made to Measure Blinds UK

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