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City Link

This company can seriously damage your health

Having taken a day off work to be in to receive a delivery based on the City Link WebSite then spent half an hour trying to find a telephone number where you might actually be able to speak to a person followed by well over half an hour listening to some inane voice recording I was eventually advised that:

1. The Web site was wrong,
2. The tracking comment that the account holder / sender had cancelled the delivery was in fact City Link cancelling the delivery not the sender, a clear lie in writing. My apologies to the sender for doubting you.
3. The statement that the goods had been collected successfully was in fact a case of jumping the gun and they were not collected till a day latter.

If you are a company looking to use City Link be advised none of my businesses will be prepared to do business with you. We can't afford the wasted time, down time and misinformation.

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