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Tesco Sucks.

Well the driver arrived late and then the online phone service lady was quite nice to speak to but could not help at all. The driver ( Jamaican accent LOL was confusing as f$&k. I live in University halls and the driver wanted to argue over the phone as he could not find my residnce and wanted me to come to him. What am I paying for Delivery or babysitting. How Fuc*$%g dare he be 2 hours late and then call me and be rude. I was not there in my halls. So i asked for a refund only to see that Cheap Value Tesco took of £7 for god knows what after they wasted my phone minutes and my mental peace. Dear Tesco thank you for wasting my precious time and money. have some shame and please send drivers that know what they are doing. Improve your service till then, Hail Sainsbury.

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