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A nasty surprise on the invoice

My experience at the time seemed pretty normal, the service at the collection-counter was relatively straight forward (save for my two young children who were tired and grumpy from the plane journey).
The car was perfectly adequate and the drop-off process was nice and simple.

However, i was disgusted to realise I had been ripped-off when the invoice arrived at home.

I used a pre-pay voucher to cover the car cost, therefore the only thing i was expecting to see on the invoice was the cost of the child seat which was to be paid on the credit card.
However there were two additional items on the invoice:
- Collision damage waiver
- Super PAI (personal accident insurance)
with a combined cost of over £220.

These are things that you are NOT automatically opted-in for.

I did NOT choose to opt-in for this additional cover but it appears that the rep at the collections desk selected them for me.

The thing that really disgusts me (in addition to the cost) is that he did not mention these when he asked me to sign the forms.
He simply made a jovial comment about my 6mth old son (who was crying and I was struggling to pacify) and simply pointed to the box that I had to sign and gave me a pen.

I appreciate that it is my responsibility to read what I sign, but the sales rep spied an opportunity to sneak a couple of extra things on to bill in order to boost his sales. He took advantage of the distractions that I had with my children and not once did he point out the additional items on the agreement, let alone the additional costs they would incurr.

I am abolutely disgusted.

For reference:
The Rental Car desk was Avis
The airport was Malaga, Spain.

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