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jaw dropping prints you can afford

You don't want to know how many printers I've been too. No you don't. Oh you do? Well, too many - let's just leave it at that eh.
Imagine my delight when I stumbled across theprintspace while trawling through the internet. I downloaded the software - checked my pic - sent off my jpeg and money - and expected very little. But noooo. A print arrived (poste haste )that actually looks like the picture I could see on my screen! Not only that - when I noticed a small speck - they redid it - no quibbles and it was at my door before 9am the next day (faints) Plus I don't feel they are aloof and geeky. Printers can be a bit scary. Not as scary as they were in the days of film....but there is still that air of mystery.

I am thrilled with my surprise find - will use again - will recommend and that's it really. (audience claps furiously)

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