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Sold faulty goods and refused refund

I bought a tablet from Carphone Warehouse which only worked for a couple of weeks before the screen started to freeze. Then 2 weeks later it stopped even turning on. Looked fault up online and called manufacturers, whence I discovered it is a "fatal software error", and not uncommon with said tablet. Went to Carphone Warehouse asking for refund. They have point blank refused and got incredibly rude to me when I quoted Sale Of Goods Act 1979 at them, and pointed out they were in breach of contract because they supplied me with faulty goods which were not fit for purpose.
Only offered me a repair - take it or leave it. I need my tablet, so reluctantly I took it. They told me their policy is to only offer repairs after 28 days. I pointed out their policy cannot over-rule the LAW. No matter. No resolution.
They have now had my tablet for almost 2 weeks. I was initially informed that they would be sending it to manufacturers and I would have it back either within 14 days or 28 days. I have called them to find out progress three times in the 10 days I have been without it. They keep telling me I can track it online - hello? They have my tablet!!! Today I have been tiold they sent it back to the manufacturers yesterday because they could not fix it! And that the manufacturers would probably offer me a replacement. I DONT WANT A REPLACEMENT. I want my money back! Surely this is tacit admission the thing is not fit for purpose.
Do not ever ever shop at Carphone Warehouse. They have no regard for the law.
I will be taking this matter through the courts and also contacting my credit card company for a full refund.

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