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Pentathalon Training with Supplementation.

It is well known, by now, that our soils no longer provide the richness of minerals as they used to. Ergo, our vegetation does not always provide the RDA required of such minerals. Moreover, animal products, too, are reduced in their goodness. Unfortunately the same applies also to our lack of Vitamins. To wit, why else do manufacturers have to introduce 'fortified' foods?
In Sport, the US military has used blood analysis to gauge the shortages of Minerals and Vitamins that individual competitors have, put them on a 'training diet', while ignoring their assessed needs. I.e. All competitors follow the same directive.
Since 1990 I have used the NutriCheck questionnaire, to also make an assessment of nutritional shortcomings, but then I counsel, each as to their profile, and how to adjust their own culinary menus in order to derive greater benefit from their consumption.
As dietary intake creates a steadfast change, for most competitors being too slow, they are also counseled concerning adding Supplements in order to back up their modified dietary designed program. In reviewing a range of suppliers, Nature's Best came out tops for delivering products that are efficient, effective and tailor made for individual improvement.
Over three decades, it was shown that the greater the decrement in Vitamins and Minerals the longer it would take to re-balance the profile back to normality. Of course, those who adjusted their food intake, along with using Nature's Best supplements, could achieve this improvement faster than those who shunned the use of any supplements. In general, individuals would notice minor changes after one month, certainly by 3 months. Those who also attended to a 'Life-style' change, had to greatest recovery.
The Proof of the Regime, being Athletes, lies with the improved performance. This has been the greatest change, for the individuals, as for the UK. Over the past decade, the Pentathletes have pushed not only their PBs, but have repeatedly mounted the medal podium in all classes: Novices, Experienced, Veterans, and Ladies, thanks to their Coaching Team, and their little helpers supplied by Nature's Best.
Remarkably, what did attract most of the Athletes to Nature's Best, was that they also reduced allergy responses, shortened recovery time from heavy training, and improved their endurance, signifying an improved Immune System. Apart from the Product quality, the quick response time to an order (usually within 48 hours to anywhere in the UK), on second class mail, and a most useful discount (most being University students), have colluded to the product attractiveness.
Sometimes, the odd individual would by a cheaper product, only to find it to be more expensive, i.e. they would have to double or treble the consumption in order to have an equivalent 'dosage'. Eventually, it was not persuasion, peer pressure, or advertising that sold the products from Nature's Best, instead it was the product quality, their efficacy, and value for money. Though, most pointed to their change of Life Style that had been encouraged and supported.
The only time when the smooth transition of products, from firm to customer, had raised a frown, was during postal strikes.
On a personal level, after 30 years of severe Sinusitis, and thus also acute headaches and supplementing my own shortages for the final 10 years of this period, I have not had any need for medication since 2002. And, yes, I too have managed to become a champion in my own sport. Nor have I ever need to be concerned about my own orders.
In short, there are many reasons why one should order from Nature's Best, Quality service and supplies evoke an healthy customer loyalty.

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