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Here is a copy of my complaint to British Gas.

Customer reference number:

I recently applied to switch to a new supplier after your recent price hike anouncement.
Everyone knows you didnt need to raise your prices like this as your profits are rising year after year, so I wanted to leave British Gas.

I was told that you had blocked the application with an objection.This was because there was an outstanding balance on the account. So far so good.
I immediately contacted you and asked for a bill to be sent as I had a problem with my bank and needed to pay over the counter.
I was then telephoned on a Sunday and told that all I had to do was print out the bill which could be found in the my account section online. When I did this I found that there was no bank giro credit slip on this printout.
I telephoned again and asked for a bill to be sent again. Some days later I received the paper bill only to find that there was still not bank giro credit slip included.
I managed to make the payment using another card. I then telephoned you and you said the objection had now been lifted. I telephoned the new supplier and told them this.
I spent another 25 minutes in a que on the phone to you again yesterday and still didnt get to speak to an advisor.

What sort of organisation are you when there is rising unemployment and you made 345 Million pounds in profits in the first half of this year you still cant even have someone to answer the phones after 25 minutes?


I have today heard back from the other supplier stating the following
" In regards to your query to your application for the energy supply switch, we have followed industry regulations to have this application processed. Having looked in depth into this issue I can advise that we have applied as per the industry restricted 3 times for the supply switch, however your previous supplier have upheld their objection to this on all occasions"
So what is the problem?

I am shocked that you think this is OK.

I will be leaving British Gas asap.
I will tell everyone I know to avoid joining British gas because of the way you have treated my application to transfer, and your shocking customer service.

I will also make sure that a copy of this email is sent to the BBC Watchdog for their new series and also left on every utility review site that I can find online to make sure as many people as possible get to hear about the terrible level of service you provide.


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Don't waste your time with this company.
They never answer their phone unless you select the option saying you are thinking about joining them.(This option are unable to help with anything other than this) Any other option and you just sit in a que waiting for an operator.
They don't answer their emails either...Just an automated response.
Unless you have a lot a time on your hands that you would love to waste getting no-where... STAY WELL CLEAR OF FIRST UTILITY !!!
Recommend this company to all your worst enemies :)


Transfered from Lanzarote airport to Playa Blanca and return. What a delight to see the driver waiting for us as we exited the arrivals hall. We paid the extra £10 each way and got a Mercedes. What a contrast to the usual transfers we have taken on a coach. Air conditioned car, and just for once we felt very safe during our transfer. No waiting for others of course either. The return journey, the driver arrived EXACTLY on time.
We will use again without a doubt.
Steve White

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