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Something went wrong when ordering. I didn't finish on a confirmation of payment page. I emailed and got a fast response. I was very happy with the pleasant and friendly service. Even though I had placed a small order I felt my custom was valued. I will definitely shop again and recommend for great service. Good price and speedy.


1 stop shop, fantastic. My tips for buying safely.

Millions of traders, bad to fantastic service. Personally I have never had a bad experince.

I think the best advice is to read as many reviews as possible, consider that a bad review might just be a bad trader and not the product. Also consider there are many traders selling the same product.

Don't think you are getting a guarantee if the item is "fulfilled by Amazon." What can happen is, a trader can send bad item to amazon, for them to send to you. This is a rare thing, I hope but don't take it as a guarantee. This is the same as reading one bad review, of a fulfilled item and then believing all fulfilled items are bad.

On the whole, great service, cheap items and stuff you can't pop down a local shop for. I use it all the time. A good example of saving is a HDMI lead. In my local town the cheapest would be around £10. I shopped on Amazon and got one for £1, inc postage.


My Art, your Moo, Wow. Extremely pleased.

I wanted to promote myself as an artist and so I looked into getting some business cards. I came across Moo but I also a heavily advertised site. I looked at free cards from the other site but I was put off because I had to pay to use my own image. I left the design and the site to find I was able to do so much more with Moo. I liked the idea of the mini cards and started to design them. Uploading 50 bits of my artwork, only a few had to be changed but they all looked good. I didn't have the funds to get the mini cards so I saved my mini card design.

I ordered 10 free cards and was very impressed with them. I was so impressed I told a friend. Who then ordered his own. finally I got some business cards and stickers.

An email appered from the other company now offering me twice as many cards free. Still not with artwork because of that extra cost. I paid postage for the free cards. When the cards arrived they had my name and an arty design I had picked, but even though I quantity, I didn't have quality like I had got with Moo.

I now impress people with Moo cards. The other cards I feel ashamed to own.

As an artist I am bright, colourful and varied just like the cards I give out. Thank you Moo.

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Artist in Daventry, looking out for creative possibilities.