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Tactical Kit

Great shop.

They got some really good bargains from time to time and it is nothing like nightgear scam meant to lure you over.

Definitely quality retailer with proper standards.

So far only ordered 5.11 stuff from them but I have hunch all their products are of good quality.

I recommend Tactical-kit to all.


Good prices and excellent quality products.

Good shop, they have some stuff that is hard to get in UK.

Great quality products and very good customer service.

Hard to go by without commending them for a good job in general.

Military 1st

Excellent service.

I made 3 purchases from Military 1st and second time there was a issue with the delivery.

No matter some lost time, the Military1st costumer service is at the highest standard and they are true problem solvers.

Had order resent to me with no additional costs !

I have nothing but good opinion about them and trust I can always expect highest quality products.


Avoid this shop or be prepared to throw away your money.

This is the worst 5.11 retailer in UK by far.

They will try to lure you with as many free stuff and promotion codes as possible.

It sounds so great until you actually receive the package from them.

Some stuff might be missing and be assured that even if it is their mistake, you will have to contact them and wait unbelievable amount of time to get your stuff in.

The biggest problem you will get when they send you one of returns from some one else. Despiting that you will clearly see and identify fault they will deny anything that you claim so they can resell that faulty item all over again counting on that somebody wont notice.

If you want to get quality stuff from 5.11 I would highly recommend to stay away from Night Gear.

I often try different shops and I have only good things to say about [Link], [Link] and [Link]. Night gear is a disgrace for UK retailers and British standards.

Cult Pens

Highly recommended

Bunch of good people running good business, plain and simple. Expect delivery on time and helpful costumer care.

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