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Anxiety Inducing Flights!

You shouldn't be made to feel this anxious about boarding a flight! The absolute obsession that Ryanair have about their baggage rules cause totally unnecessary stress to what is already a stressful enough situation.

I've flown Ryanair on a number of occasions and all being told I have always accepted that although they have rules and lots of extra charges overall they work out cheaper and usually fly on time. On my last flight I changed my mind and swore never to fly Ryanair again unless I really need to (or for same day return flights when I fly with nothing other than my handbag maybe!).

Passengers are herded like cattle, the staff are clearly unhappy in their jobs, probably brought on by the expectation that they're bound to get a barrage of grief throughout the day as a result of the company's petty rules. As if people aren't anxious enough (as they try to elbow their way onto the plane to get seats with their friends/family) the boarding staff parole the queue with a case measuring cage. Then, after showing passport and boarding card and you're about to head onto the tarmac you get randomly stopped to weigh your case and charged if it's over!! Oh, and God forbid you should be so stupid as to print your boarding pass double sided.....a hefty charge for that too!!

The next nightmare is that the strict baggage allowance has forced most passengers to take larger and heavier cabin luggage on board - so yes, you've guessed it no room for it all!!

By the time you've manoeuvred through this minefield and made it to your seat you need a stiff drink! Simply not worth the £50 saved up front....

Just booked our flights for next year and after reading their reviews have booked with Jet2.........

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