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I`ve seen the light!

Very good. First time I`ve used them but certainly no problem about using them again.

Marks Electrical

Won`t be using Marks Electrical again!

I`m amazed at these positive reviews. I`m disgusted with the company. There`s plenty of choice in this field and I certainly won`t be using Marks Electrical again! Does make me wonder, are all these excellent reviews really genuine?

I bought a Samsung washer from Marks 4 years ago. I bought this particular one because it was supposed to have a 5 year guarrantee. That was the specific reason I bought it. Great, get 5 years out of a washer. Not bad! I`ve had it 4 years and had some trouble with opening the door. No problem, 5 year guarrantee, ring the number I was given with Marks delivery information. "Oh no," I was told. "You`re not covered by the guarrantee, you`re not registered." I rung Samsung who informed me that the washer had been covered for the first 2 years but, it was the job of the supplier (Marks) to inform me that I had to register it when I bought it, . If they hadn`t told me then it was their fault but I still wouldn`t be covered for the 5 year period. I should inform Marks, Samsung tokd me. So I informed Marks. First time I received no reply to my email. Second time I was told they would look into it. I heard no more. I emailed them again and was then told that I was supposed to register it in the first few days of buying it. Thankyou very much. Only 4 years too late!

I`m not too worried. I managed to fix the problem with the door and the machine is ok again now. I emailed back to Marks and told them that, as I`m sure they know, under the Sale of Goods Act, I`m actually covered against the supplier for faults for 6 years anyway but, I told them, it would have been 'customer friendly' to at least get a nice email back from them. I received no reply to that!

As far as I`m concerned they`re the sort of company that, when you`ve bought the appliance, it`s goodbye. I would advise to suspect all those 'what a wonderful company' reviews. It wasn`t my experience and I won`t be using Marks Electrical again. There`s plenty more suppliers with good prices, good reviews and that care for their customers!

Very pleased with.

Bought a fridge freezer, American style, through AOL. From my first contact with them (when I asked them to ring me back because I object to paying for an 0871 number) I was pleased with the attitude of their sales team. In terms of the delivery, I was regularly updated with news of when the fridge freezer would arrive and, all in all, it being as reasonably priced as anywhere else that I tried, it was a good service and, when I need to renew another appliance, I`ll certainly be happy to deal with AOL, as long, of course, as their prices are still in line with the rest!

15 October 2012

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Hi Robert

Thank you for your lovely comments, i'm so pleased to read you have enjoyed your experience with us.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Vicky - Appliances Online

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