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Not happy

Trustpilot is set up to review other companies. It allows us to highlight customer service and/or product standards. You would think then, that Trustpilot would be a half decent company itself. Not from what I can see!
Wrote my first review and got a comment back from the company. But alas! There is NOWHERE to reply to the comment!! The only way it looked like it could be done was by editing my original comment which would make my comment not make sense - How stupid is that?!
I contacted Trustpilot incase I was missing something and mentioned that I didn't think editing a comment was a good idea as it wouldn't make sense. And I got this reply:
We do suggest that you update your review if you want to respond to their comments or write a comment beneath the review.
Eh what?!
I have worked in customer service for a long time, and no way would I have responded to a query like this.
Very disappointing Trustpilot.

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23 October 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Karen and thanks for your review.

You are right, you can't review a company more than once. We believe that it would not give much sense to rate a company several times, giving it 5 stars, then 1, then 3, then 5 again. The important thing is to give a rating that reflects the company's overall service and therefore evaluate the good and the bad - just like you would do with a restaurant, a product or a movie.

We implemented a Comment option under each message (you can see a clickable item saying "Comment (0)"), where other users, the company and yourself can continue the dialogue under the original review. You might have not seen it. If not let us know and I will send you a screen capture.

Like you mentioned, we also offer the option to edit reviews, as opinions might change from one experience to another. You might choose to write a totally different review and change your star rating or just add some comments to your existing one. In many cases, users will write (Edit from "date"). On the other side, companies can select whether or not they want to receive notifications each time a review is written or edited, so they can react to it.

I hope that you found this answer helpful and stay at your disposition for any other concern.

Kind regards,

Bertrand Carton

CEWE Photoworld

overall happy with photobook

Order an extra large photobook with linen cover. The book itself is nice, linen cover is nice, photos look clear and sharp so I'm overall happy with it. The problems I've had with the service are:
-one of the photos had a mark on it (taken by a professional by the way) so it would have been nice if this was highlighted to us before the book was printed as it is now noticeable in the book forever!
-paid for the express service but I wouldn't call the time it took to be delivered 'express'.
-the book does not come in a protective sleeve or box which I know happens in other companies. The cardboard envelope it comes packaged in ruins the look of the book so cannot be used.

Overall the finished product is good.
Answer to Photoworld comment:

No - this book was for my wedding album. I appreciate you cannot be expected to proof every photo. Just wished it had been noticed!
I have used other companies before and the photobooks this size come in a protective sleeve as standard. I was disappointed to see this one doesn't (especially as it is light coloured and therefore easily marked). I will now have to source some sort of sleeve or box which will cost more.
Why isn't this included as standard with your photobooks?
I really think a sleeve or nice box would just be the icing on the cake with your photobooks and enhance their good quality.

17 October 2012

Reply from CEWE Photoworld

Hi Karen,

Was this book you made for a client?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to proof the quality of images submitted for the photobooks, we reply on the user proofing their own images before submitting them.



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