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Very Biased

With the capability of mass ratings, this site is very biased. Someone does not like you and they can rate all your sites bad in one click.

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Grab Media

Makes posting media simple

Sure I had no problem posting YouTube videos but who doesn't? This plug in makes posting all kinds of media simple and easy. The plug has made my life a lot easier. I run several websites and use it on all of them.


Wordpress is the only thing I use

I have been using Wordpress for the last 5 years. I can't say enough about it. The flexibility in themes, designs and plug-ins makes it great. There is nothing you can't do with Wordpress.


Great for Quick Color

When I want to leave my natural blonde behind, I grab some Clairol and turn my blonde to red. It turns my blonde to strawberry blonde every time quick and easy. I love it and works without any problem.


The Pet Vac Works Wonders

I have 3 dogs and the pet vac gets up all the dog hair like it nothing. My favorite part is that is is bagless. Before, I was going through sevearl bags a week. Now, I can vacuum the living room and empty the canister. Then go to another room and contiune vacuuming. My house stays clean all the time.

If that wasn't good enough, it was purple. I know that is not a reason to get a vacuum but it sure was a nice perk.


Can't Say Enough About Wilton

I fell in love with Wilton products when I started decorating cakes years ago and I really cannot recommend them high enough. The only thing that I would not recommend is the chocolate morsels for candy and the fondant. I think you can get better for cheaper by making your own from scratch.

However, the decorating tools are the best and you may pay more but they last forever and they are well worth the money. Especially the pans. You just can't go wrong with Wilton.

Perfect Costume for a Great Dog

I looked all over for a costume for my baby (dog) and couldn't find anything I liked. Then a friend recommended this site. I was so glad they did. It was perfect. Not only do they have a wide range of selections I got the costume quickly and it fits great.


14 November 2012

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Thanks Sherri! I bet the pup looked fantastic!

Identity Guard®

Identity Guard Saved Me

I was pulled over for a broken headlight. I gave the police office my DL and he let me off with a warning. After I drove away I realized he did not give me my DL back. I called the police and that is when I found out that HE WAS NOT A POLICE OFFICER. Me DL had been stolen my a fake cop!

Freaked out I filed a report and called Identity guard. ID guard leaped into action. The people were so helpful. They reassured me that with ID guard that we could monitor my credit and if anything happened we would know and be able to shut it down. Sure enough, he did try something and we stopped it before he could even open anything up!

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