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It didn't work, but does now!

My last letter to The Cartridge People, concerning one cartridge, from my order, that didn't work, is below:-

Hi Jenifer,

Many thanks for all your, Houssem and Jordan’s help and advice. It seems I had one rogue cartridge. I was reluctant to try more until I got your go-ahead. You may not have wanted to risk a load of opened packets returned. All the cartridges are now used, or in use. I’m again out of magenta! All of you were most helpful, understanding and professional. This service is really appreciated.

My new order has just been sent, and I’ve already received your acknowledgement of that order. You can’t be any more prompt than that! It’s up to the postman now.

This latest order was sent on Thursday 11/10 at 23.09 and arrived on the morning of Monday 15/11. Even the Royal Mail did a good job!

John Lawes.

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