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Is There Less Than 1 Star?

This is the 3rd year that I've placed an order with Floraqueen - all for the same birthday. The first 2 years were fine, so I had a reasonable expectation that this one would be ok too. Well, I got a confirmation for the order, then a verification that the delivery would take place on time, and then... nothing. The delivery time came and went, then the day came and went, and the next. In the meantime I had sent off emails asking what the problem was - and 2 days after the delivery date received a lame excuse about a "logistical problem". Then, they offered a "redilivery" (sic) a couple of days later. I responded that I deserved a full refund, and that they still needed to deliver the flowers. I then got a new response stating that the best they could do was provide me a 15% discount. That was also unacceptable to me, and I spelled out that reasoning. So, we are still in the "negotiation" phase, and I expect to get this resolved one way or another very shortly.

Regardless, I cannot stress enough that if you have a need to ship flowers internationally, then choose ANY of the other companies listed in a Google Search - and there are hundreds.

I've had great personal success with [External link removed] and you certainly can't go wrong with FTD.

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