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Great Deals Can Be Found Here!

The reason I purchased the SNES 'World Pak' from DK Oldies is because it was the best deal I could find anywhere online for buying a SNES... not to mention that I have been wanting to play a SNES for a really long time since I haven't played one in over 10 years, so ordering from DK Oldies was a no-brainer to me. I received my order earlier than expected, which is great, and my SNES works. My only complaints are minor, however I feel they are worth noting. The SNES console I received was in overall good shape - no yellowing, scratches, dents, faded colors, etc. The only thing about the console was that the sticker right below the 'Power' switch was curled. Again, a minor imperfection that doesn't affect the overall performance of my SNES.
The next thing that I noticed with my order was that the 2 controllers I received were not the original SNES controllers from the picture - but rather counterfeits (the SNES/Nintendo logo was replaced by the words 'Super Pad'. That's the only difference I could really tell.) The controllers work great, but I feel that they could have at least given me 1 original controller. Oh well.
Another thing about my order:
The Super Mario World game pak that came with my SNES works, but the back label is torn, even though I asked for one that wasn't torn. At least the front label was intact, but still, I'm a nerd when it comes to these things. I guess it depends on how much you care about the details.
My SNES smelled like cigarette smoke when I opened the packaging box. For some this may not be a big deal, but for me it comes across as unprofessional. No one wants to smell a bad odor when they open a package.

So like I said, these are minor complaints but still complaints all the same. I'm just glad my SNES works and looks in good condition. For what it's worth, DK Oldies has great deals for their products and overall I'm glad I ordered from them.

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