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When you order flowers for Mothers Day and the delivery date is confirmed, for Mothers Day you don't expect to have a delivery a day earlier COMPLETELY ruining any surprise and resulting in lots of questions.
And when you ask why, as I have done first thing this morning, you expect a response.
Then you read TrustPilot and you wish you had read all the comments before you went with them. They are not cheap, either.
I have a contract with iflorist in writing to deliver tomorrow.
If they said they were delivering another day I would refuse their services, as I had done before I discovered iflorist.
They have broken that contract and a refund is the least that should be acceptable.
I suggest anyone who has been bitten by this shower should write to the local trading standards office for iflorist's head office in Lancashire. I suggest with a copy go and have For The Urgent Attention Of Trading Standards in the Subject header.
Nothing will recompense for totally ruining a Mother's Day surprise!

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By a distance the worst customer 'care' I have ever experienced

I would not say Halfords has customer care. It's more like don't care. They make no pretence at it from my experience. In my job I get to sample a wide range of companies' customer care departments and my recent experience with them has to rank as the worst that I have ever had. So bad, indeed, that they did not get my custom. It started with me wanting to buy a Clarion sat nav for my new car. I contacted Halfords online to ask what they could do. By the time the responded I had already had info from a wide range of retailers. And they came up with? Nothing. Just diverted me to a branch and a web link. In this day and age! But I thought, they might still help, so I phoned my local branch in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. Wanted the unit and wanted it fitted. They could not supply the exact unit I was after but could fit it. Fine. Would cost a maximum of £100. The assistant talked about what car I had, the kind of parts needed to make it fit. There may be a backlog for fitting, but yes, they would do the fitting. So I bought the unit elsewhere and taking delivery of it, I promptly rang up the Halfords centre to arrange fitting. I was hopeful of talking to the helpful assistant I had before. Then I discovered it was less than helpful. The offhand manager says no can do. "Why? " I asked. Because Halfords policy is not to fit units not bought through them. But what about what I was told? Hard luck. He shouldn't have told me that, he said. But he did? What am I going to do? I bought the unit on the understanding you would fit it. Who am I going to find now. Can't do anything about that, he says. Was there any attempt to rectify? Any attempt to maybe make clear that the wrong impression his staff had put out to a member would be put right Not even that. And the website, does not make it clear the fitting service is only for products bought through Halfords, either. I say I will complain to execs about it. And I encountered a first. Not even an acknowledgement of my concerns. Despite several reminders over several days to two of them. So Halfords lost out on hundreds of pounds worth of business from one very disgruntled, err , would-be customer. Then I find out a Which study published in May which found Halfords customer care to be "unhelpful and rude" and the worst in terms for people friendliness in the country. And then I thought, ah, thought so.
Don't take my word for it folks. They really do suck.

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