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Virgin Atlantic

Think Virgin Atlantic will be glamorous? Think again

While I'm sure the 'Rock Stars' in Upper Class were having a great time, the plebs in steerage, who paid a months wages for the flights, were made to feel as if they were lucky to be on the plane at all.

The Cabin crew were terrifying, psychotic false smiles did nothing to hide their contemptuous rage. Twenty minutes after eating finishing my 'food', which balanced precariously on a broken tray, I was finally and reluctantly offered a drink. Two minutes after that I was being huffed at because I hadn't finished my drink. And then the cabin crew vanished. After eight hours in the air, dangerously dehydrated people left their seats and wandered the aisles in search of water. The oppressive atmosphere in such a confined space was overwhelming, desperate people counting down the seconds until they could leave.

All I wanted to do was get off that plane, however, disembarking within a reasonable amount of time appeared to be a additional perk which is not included in the price of a lowly economy ticket. 45 mins after landing, and 35 mins after our arrival time, I was finally able to leave my seat. With creaking knees I could at last experience the glorious feeling of leaving a Virgin Atlantic flight for the last time in my life.

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