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Prestige Flowers

Wrong day, dying flowers - do not use this florist

Ordered flowers for Mothering Sunday knowing my mother would be in. Picked Prestige because they claimed to deliver that day. Arrived Saturday. Found in porch in full view of passers by. Wilting and dying by next morning. Cost was £44.90 before delivery. Bouquet nothing like advertised its pitiful. Absolutely disgusted. Always send flowers. Never experienced anything like this. Totally ruined day for both of us. If only I had read all the reviews from various sites before. I don't know how they are getting away with it.

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Vax Ltd

I would never purchase another VAX!

We bought our VAX Jan 09. We had not had our Mach 7 very long when our belt broke? We contacted VAX and replacements were sent out (had to be paid for as belts are consumables which is fine). Next the hose attachment broke (lady I spoke to said most people use sellotape on the attachment which did work whilst I was awaiting the new one). They eventually sent out a new one after 2 phone calls - apparently problems with their warehouse. Then our hose on the actual vacuum split so the vacuum had to be returned for repair. It was eventually returned to us as good as new. Now the motor has burnt out. We were told it would be replaced (sent details back Friday 5/10). Were told to send it special which cost £6.00 (good job we did as they do not have any record of receiving it as yet) and had to pay VAX a £3.99 admin fee for the privilage. Their docs state new vacuum within 3-5 days. I rang on the Tuesday and was told wait till end of week. Rang end of week told to wait till Monday. Rang Tuesday and have now been told wait till end of the week (at this point waiting 2 weeks). Asked to speak to a Supervisor/Manager and was told they will only tell me the same thing. Meanwhile we are supposed to cope without a vacuum cleaner! Each and every time I have ever contacted VAX I have been held in a queue for a ridiculous amount of time costing yet more money. My mother and mother in law both own a Sebo and have not experienced any problems despite using theirs on a much more regular basis. Not impressed and would never purchase another one!

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