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Excellent quality

As a dedicated foodie I "discovered" Lidl about a year ago. I was tempted to try it by the rave reviews of their meat on the Pistonheads forum, (my other passion is cars!)
The prices are very fair, but, much more importantly, the quality of their produce really is excellent. I have rediscovered the real tastes of fruit and veg that I had forgotten. Some of their fresh meat is amongst the best I have ever tasted, and I have shopped at some very expensive butchers.
Whilst not a huge operation in this country, they have a wide presence on mainland Europe and elsewhere, and this I think is why their quality is so high. After all, any outfit trying to pass off what other UK supermarkets sell as food would get short shrift from the food conscious folks of Italy France and Spain to name but a few.
What's more, some of their non-food specials also offer remarkable quality at very fair prices.
Some folks have commented on the service, I can only say that my experience of the Peterborough branch is that the staff are helpful, flexible and knowledgeable.
Keep up the good work Lidl, you are doing a lot right, thanks.
I have no connection with Lidl other than as a consumer.


A painless experience

I had a rather nasty crack at the top of my SL. Phoned Ins Co and was answered by Autoglass. Made an appointment, paid them the £70 x/s and left the car with them. Picked it up four hours later, job done, proper glass, proper tint, proper rain sensor. All the "bits" on the screen, tom tom, tax disc, laser detector etc all back exactly they started.

All in all a painless experience and a good performance. I've never used them before but have heard several horror stories about Autoglass, so I must admit to being a little aprehensive. Credit where credit is due, they did a very good job.

Very very very slow, good prices but not worth the hassle

The order number above relates to an order for two new pairs, which were ordered early Feb and dispatched 26th Feb. So far so good.

Despite many enquiries I still do not have the other pair. The reasons I have been given are inconsistant and variable so it is very difficult to asses whither I will actually ever get them, it which case, as an organisation, they are no longer a good price option.

Despite being reasonably satisfied with the price and quality, (I have also had three pairs reglazed), I would not use these people again. They obfuscate and delay, whither this is down to their business model or simple incompetence I do not know. As I intend to do no more business with them I will never find out.

Update 21st April and guess what...I'm still waiting for my second pair. Off to trading standards next week!

Update 11th June. I am still waiting for one of the two pairs I originally ordered. They've got them wrong twice. So, ordered early Feb, still waiting. Beware.

Update 4th July. Well my final pair, one the the first two ordered back in February, finally arrived today. What's more the prescription was right! So if you are happy to wait well in excess of four months for your glasses then this is the place to go. Personally, I shall be going elsewhere.

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Good range, reasonable prices and helpful enthusiastic staff.

Been using Majestic for years. Always find the staff helpful and often they have useful &/or interesting wine suggestions. Also free delivery which with my local branch (Peterborough) is very flexible. Soon after I've place my order on-line they ring to see when it's convenient to deliver.
At the shop they always carry the case(s) out cheerfully.
Nice shop, nice people, nice wine!

Groupon UK

Hard work and they've lost a customer.

I bought a voucher for a coffee machine. After a couple of months it stopped working.

Went to the manufacturers who directed me to the seller. Seller ignored me. Contacted Groupon who said they would contact seller for a returns authorisation after which I would get a refund, but that it would be a minimum of ten working days before I would hear anything from the seller. After this period, having heard nothing, I contacted Groupon again. This time they agreed to a refund and indeed repaid me.

So far so good, except that I was still £5.99 short for the postage. I asked the seller for my money. no reply, I asked Groupon to ask the seller on my behalf. In fact I had to ask three times before they would even answer my question, and the answer was no, they would not ask the seller to refund me.. So several emails later both to Groupon and the Seller and I'm still short of the postage.

Not a lot I know but I don't see why I should stand the loss. Groupon should be ashamed of themselves. I won't be using them again.

Eon Uk

Terrible terrible terrible

By the way did I say they were terrible? Useless. Unreliable. Untrustworthy. Oh, and did I say, terrible. I'm off to another provider.


I tried the rest untill I found the best

If Carling ran Banks it would be like FD. Unbeatable.



Best shop in the word. It's often said that the true measure of an organisation is how it deals with errors. Well. Amazon rarely makes them, but when it does, it fixes them quickly with an extraordinary attention to detail. It's the kind of service that one used to cheerfully pay extra for at a certain high street store who claims to be never knowingly undersold. Given that they no longer provide decent service, my business now goes to Amazon. Better service and better prices!


The one and only.....

GiffGaff. Brilliant. Nothing else needs saying.

Discount Emporium

Not hot on communication.....

I bought a wonderful Villaware espresso machine via Groupon. Here lies the problem I think. I'm sure Groupon purchasers get a second class service. It took an age to dispatch and neither of my two emails, one of which was bounced back saying it was a bad address, were answered (and yes I did use their website enquiry form). Moreover, when I telephoned firstly there was no answer then when it was answered the receiver was immediately put down. In the end I telephoned Groupon who were not a lot better. Eventually I did manage to contact them and the response was to read of a script. Anyway, finally the machine did arrive and very good it was too. Whether my blood pressure is up to another purchase, the jury is out!

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