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I have never seen a bunch of incompetent, insensitive and complacent human beings in my 28years of existence, EVER! I bought a laptop from currys almost 2 yrs ago, 22months ago to be precise, a packered bell easynote TM83 RB 020 UK; not a high end computer but it was serving its purpose for me as a postgrad student. I noticed the hole where you put the power cable became loose. For some reason, it just could not fit amd so couldn't charge properly. Even though I do not know a lot about computers, I thought it was not a serious problem because every other thing was still good. so I googled how and where I can fix it and of course knowknothing popped up and just because they were affiliated to currys, I jumped at it. I took it to the catford shop at newquay road on the 24th of August and they took £50 off me immediately and and then called me 7 days later to tell me that the repairs will cost an additional £129 (they were very professional collecting the money on the phone). I was also told it will be ready in 15 days. Long story short, 8 weeks later, it is still not fixed! They tell me each time I call them that they are still awaiting parts, meanwhile they claim to have over 1million parts in stock. Again, the way I have been treated is just unacceptable, the customer service people are very good at telling you to hold on while they connect you to someone else, then they will eventually refer you to the shop where you dropped it off and then when you get to the shop, they will tell you to call customer service; no one would take responsibility for anything, it is just ridiculous. I went to the catford shop again yesterday and this time they said the part will arrive 'sometime' in November, now that DROVE ME CRAZY!!! I literally flipped started screaming at them, everyone in the shop would have thought I was mad! I have asked for my laptop to be returned and for my hard earned £179 to be refunded and they have said they will only refund £129 which leaves me to believe this is just a scam! Imagine how many people they collect £50 pounds (non refundable) from EVERYDAY! If they were honest at all, they would have accepted that they just cannot fix it. Instead of leading me to believe they do not have the parts. I wish I took time to read reviews, I would have added few extra quids to get a brand new laptop. Currys & PCworld, disassociate yourselves from these people if you want to remain a reputable company, the reviews is nothing to be excited about, At ALL!!! Sooner or later, something really bad will happen because people actually depend on these electonics for daily living. Someone PLEASE do something to stop them this is a scam, PERIOD!!!

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