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faulty items - taking an unauthorised payment - not responding to a complaint

This is the first time that I have written a review of a company and I'm doing this as I am so appalled for the following reasons:
Worldstores charged me twice for one order - despite this being over 2 weeks ago they have only partially refunded the unauthorised payment.
The bed and mattress came to just over £570 (and this includes a 33% discount); for the price you would think it would be of good quality; it was of very poor quality and poorly made. I listed the problems and sent images to Worldstores; based on my evidence Worldstores phoned and arranged a collection date (there was no apology).
Worldstores did not arrive to collect the furniture on the agreed day. I had stayed in for the whole day (I had to take a day off from university and as a result I missed some studio based work of my studies).

I then emailed a very concise complaint and set out a way to resolve this problem. I also asked them to contact me within 24 hours and for a copy of their complaints procedure. This was ignored.

It is now 6 days later and no one from Worldstores has contacted me despite me asking for this repeatedly.

Today I received a standard email saying that they would collect the furniture tomorrow; I emailed back only to receive a reply to say that this is not a monitored inbox and to use another email address. Clearly they are ignoring my communications as I informed them that I would not take another day off from my studies and I asked them to liaise with me directly.

I am now about to take the matter up with my bank as the bank will act on the customers behalf to retrieve money that was illegally taken.

Customer Standards will be my next port of call as I will make a complaint on the standards and practices of this company.

It seems that this company is all about sales and cares little for its customers and how it lets them down. Not only have I wasted an enormous amount of time in writing, waiting in, putting together a bed and then having to take it apart again, but I now have to go down other official routes to get my money back.

Please be careful before using this company as if it goes wrong you are in for a painful ride.


23 October 2012
Customer Services did call me and said that they would refund the money for the duplicate purchase (that was not authorised by me), and I received an email that day.

The second part of the problem is still unresolved. A collection day was arranged for this afternoon after 1pm; yet again I've arranged my schedule to allow for this inconvenience. YET AGAIN THEY DID NOT ARRIVE, this means more of my time has been wasted and it also shows again how ineffective Worldstores are.

WORLDSTORES PLEASE CONTACT ME, and its now time that you offered / agree to compensate me. Another appalling waste of time.


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18 October 2012

Reply from

Dear Anna Spain

Thank you for your feedback, I truly apologize for the exeperience you have incurred in regards to your order and collection.

Please allow me to look into the details of what has happened and I would be contacting you to resolve this matter for you.

Kind Regards

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