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The true test of customer service is what happens when something goes wrong

We decided to buy a new PC from Chillblast at least in part on the basis of the excellent reviews on this site. Even so we were unprepared for the quality of service we received.

Pre-sales support was excellent with rapid and helpful replies to technical queries. I even made a change to the spec. after ordering and this was dealt with quickly and without fuss.

The PC performed brilliantly on delivery but after a week we started to get blue screens. I ran some diagnostics, found memory errors and called Chillblast. Instead of treating me like an idiot they asked if I was OK installing memory. No problem so they sent me replacement RAM which arrived the next day.

Now the memory errors cleared up but we were still getting application stops. On to Chillblast again and their guy immediately spent a few hours with Team Viewer checking logs etc. and running Windows repairs. Turns out it wasn't the RAM, we have a faulty motherboard. Just one of those things - it was a good quality Asus motherboard but hey, infant mortality in electronics happens.

We packed it up and next morning a courier collected the PC. Five days later it was back, repaired, tested and firing on all six with a new motherboard. Hasn't put a foot wrong since.

Ten out of ten to Chillblast for a) treating me like an intelligent person who knows a fair bit about PCs but is not a total expert - no dumb call centre scripts "have you turned it off and on again" but a clued up expert on the phone with whom you could have sensible conversations, and b) getting the whole problem dealt with quickly and painlessly. I can imagine what it would have been like with some other suppliers I've dealt with and it makes me shudder.

The machine itself is pretty high spec - Ser 3 i7, SSD, 16GB RAM, decent graphics and sound cards etc. and it's hardly broken sweat yet, even when doing some fairly hairy video conversions. Superb piece of kit.

I would recommend Chillblast without reservation for producing quality products and for exemplary customer service.

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