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it all started so well _-- BEWARE

Update they have been in touch, a soon as i get my refund i will update the review to more stars when resolved, they seem, very willing to rectify.--- well they were, over a Month now and i still dont have my ,money back, it is ridiclous, take your money off you the same day but wont give it back..

i would give less than one star if i could

It all started off very good - service was great. You have to email them after you purchase an item to confirm the order. They are not actually UK based but in fact in New York. My Nikon D700 was due to take 3-5 days but took only 3 so I was amazed at the quickness and couldn’t wait to open it.

Then the problems began - my first concern was why was it not in a Nikon Box. It came in a white cardboard box instead. I then noticed there was no warranty card (but when you check with Nikon it’s apparently invalid anyway unless bought in Europe). Then I saw there was no charger for the battery, just the plug with nothing to connect it to. Can it get worse?

Yes - I thought I would check the shutter count on my BRAND NEW camera, and it was at 165,391, way past the shutter expectancy on a D700 (usually between 150000- 170000 is the norm).

When I emailed SLR Hut I got no response. When I phoned I got no response again. Finally I got through the next day and asked why it had a shutter count at all on a new camera. I was asked to read out the serial number on the camera, after which they said ‘are you sure that’s the camera we sent?’ Not impressed by that response.

So I was asked to send photos of the camera and the screen shot of the shutter count and they would tend to it asap. After waiting 2.5 hours I phoned back only to be told they needed at least 24 hours to respond.

If this situation is resolved will change the feedback, otherwise I am not at all happy.

and it is getting worse haven now been told by another employee that the camera i have problems with is not the camera they sent me, cause the serial number doesnt match, weird cause they keep telling me that the boxes are unopened so how can they know the serial number and wont answer my question how a new nikon camera doesnt come in a nikon box and just a plain white one.

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