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I never had an unresolved problem with ASOS customer service

I really don't know what everybody is talking about when mentioning the poor customer service.I mean,yes,I remember a year ago their customer service was more effective and the responses were given at the same day.I have noticed that the responses became slower and sometimes even there is no response at all, but nevertheless they always resolve every problem. For instance,I've ordered some bag from them.I'm from Israel.They always send it without tracking.Usually I receive my goods from UK within two weeks.Three weeks later no order received.Emailed them about that, they asked me to wait another few days.Waited,again nothing.Emailed them again. This time I didn't receive a response but when I checked my order history, I've noticed they processed a new order as a replacement to the one that got lost for free.And they sent it via special company with tracking.Funny thing was that eventually I received both of my orders.The one I thought got lost and the replacement.For some reason it took whole month to arrive instead of two weeks.Sad thing was that I didn't like the quality of the item I ordered so had to pay for both of the orders to return it.


Terrible customer service ever!!!

The clothes are OK,but when I wanted to return an item, I needed to contact their customer service to arrange a return prior to the shipping.Interesting thing is that I never received a reply until I left a post on their wall in Facebook. They replied that the company went into administration and all the returns and special requests and complaints should be processed through some phone number. I'm an international buyer and for me it's very expensive to call abroad.I don't understand why when you buy their clothes online they don't inform you regarding that situation at all. They give an e-mail for customers that either is not valid or they respond with some bizarre answers that don't really answer your problem but refer you to some phone number that suppose to help.This is unacceptable behavior for such a big company and store!!! They gladly take your money but are not eager to return it.


Awful customer service ever!!!

I've ordered an Opulence Ruched Sequin Sash Dresss that was on sale, 50 GBP instead of 165 GBP!!! I received a notification that the dress was shipped but never got any tracking number. Waited for a whole month and then started to try and contact the customer service so they would give me a tracking number for the shipment.Wrote them for three times but never received any response. Interesting thing was that when I've decided to open a case in Pay Pal I was immediately refunded my money without any explanation and they have charged me for a refund/return fee,when I didn't even receive the item and never get any response from their customer service regarding my order and its refund.This is the most outrageous service I've ever received from an online fashion store.Even store was more cooperative than this one.I won't be coming back.It was my first experience with that store and I guess my last too.


Awful quality clothes,bad customer service!!!

Very poor quality clothes made from a very cheap fabric by very unprofessional tailors.I bough a dress that costed me 50 GBP.I paid 16 GBP international shipping and in addition I had to pay to the customs in Israel around 40 GBP!!! Maybe I wouldn't mind paying so much money for a good quality product but this dress was a joke!!! It looked great on the pictures (they all do) but in reality the lining was made from a very thin synthetic fabric that wasn't even attached to the dress in some places.It was almost impossible for me to put the dress on because I was afraid it will tear appart.When I contacted theur customer service with my disappointment the offered me 10% off for the next purchase.Funny but if I have already experienced bad quality products I guess I wouldn't wanna spend more money in the same place.When I sad that I will open a case against them in Pay Pal I didn't get any responce from them anymore.I did opened a case hopefully to return me the price of the dress and the shipping costs.Stay away of that company!!!Many of the clothes they sell are selled also on ebay for much cheaper prices and a better quality.

29 November 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Sofia,

I cannot apologise enough for the quality of the item that you received. I have looked into your emails and can see that one of our advisers has been in contact with yourself.

Please contact me at if you wish to investigate this further.

Best Wishes,
Grace xx

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