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Expensive yet classy

So as long as you are a millionaire you can afford to shop there. I will admit to enjoying walking thru the store with my wife who loves the store. She never buys anything there but likes the atmosphere. The cafe has great food. So I can hang there


My wife loves Macy's!

The other day we had our family portrait taken for Christmas. My wife wore a blouse that she had bought at Macy's. She bought it at least 4 years ago and according to her was still stylish and it looked brand new. She wouldn't tell me what she paid for it, lol but honestly it's in such great shape after all these years it's worth what she paid. I have a few dress shirts my wife bought for me and they were all under $20! Macy's apparently has great sales too!

Identity Guard®

Identity Guard allows me to sleep soundly

My wife and I found Identity Guard through Comcast. We frequently purchase items on EBay and at one point tried to purchase some drum accessories for our son. The seller was obviously a thief and charged us for over 100 of the same item. This transaction actually went thru our Paypal account and affected our bank account! talk about a mess!!! It took us over a month to straighten everything up with eBay, PayPal and close and reopen our bank account. Identity Guard would have intervened on our behalf and this nonsense would not have been so traumatic on us and our bank account. Needless to say I love the protection we receive from Identity Guard.


Amazon dominates all the rest

I have never had any problems with either buying or selling anything on Amazon. I bought my wife a 2nd gen Kindle a few years ago for Christmas and it broke within a few weeks. She called Amazon, spoke to them and within 2 days received a new one. My brother in law spilled water on his Kindle and was upset. I told him to call amazon and lo and behold they replaced it! Honestly can't say anything negative about them. They have a loyal customer here.


Google, how do I love thee

I am a self professed googlephile, I use it daily for secure gmail, docs, maps, keyword tool and oh yeah searching. I have obtained my masters degree from the university of Google and proud of it!

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Scott Mishler
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Married, 3 boys, Outside Sales, Avid Outdoorsman!