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Terrible customer service

For the last two months Isme have added a £12 late payment fee to my account despite the fact that I haven't paid late (they also rarely bother to send paper statements which isn't helpful) both times is took me several emails to get the £12 removed and I got the same automated response informing me that they would remove the £12 as a 'mark of goodwill' still implying that I had paid late instead of just apologising for their mistake. I feel that this is going to keep happening so I have cleared my account and will not longer shop with them.


Poor service as usual

I have used Zazzle in the past so I am used to the very long wait for items to be posted ( at first I also didn't realise like most people that the items actually come from the US as there is no indication of this on the UK website). Due to poor service and not particularly good quality products I had avoided using them again but I thought I would give them another go to see if things had improved. I uploaded two images to be turned into fridge magnets, one was a photo of my daughter and one was a drawing she had done of Daisy Duck (I did not upload the images for sale) and I wanted the fridge magnets as a gift for a relative. I knew there would be a long wait but after six weeks I logged in to see what was happening and found my order listed as cancelled. I contacted them to ask why and was told to check the cancellation email I had been sent, I double checked to make sure I hadn't missed the email, and then wrote back saying that they hadn't sent me a cancellation email and also asking them to check that they had refunded my money. I was told to contact the content team for an explanation and check my bank statement for the refund. Eventually I was told that the order had been cancelled because the Daisy Duck drawing was subject to copyright and they gave me a link where I could 'buy licensed merchandise'. I asked why they hadn't at least printed the second part of my order, the photo of my daughter and they responded that 'the whole order was cancelled'. I felt like I was dealing with automated responses rather than an actual person who cared about my custom, at no point did they apologise for not bothering to let me know my order was cancelled, they kept referring me to the 'cancellation email you were sent', effectively calling me a liar. They also didn't respond to the ridiculous fact that they refused to reproduce a child's drawing on one fridge magnet for personal use or that they didn't bother to fill the second half of my order. It was the lack of any concern on the part of customer services and the generally dismissive tone of their emails that has made me never want to use them again. I got both fridge magnets made online by Tesco with no drama so I will just use them in future. So in short, if your kid does a cute drawing of their favourite cartoon character and you want to make it into a gift for a relative, don't ask Zazzle to print it for you!

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