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There is not much I can say to critise this company other than my buying experience has been very nice. The website itself it easy to use and the process of purchasing is very straight forward. I would like to see more information provided on the product specifics if possible in the future, but their customer service advisors are very easy to talk to, professional and informative anyhow.


I would like to start off this true review by highlighting the positives first and then I share my extremely bad experience with this company.

After using high street opticians I thought it was time I considered the online marketplace as advances in internet technology coupled with high consumer demand especially on the UK platform of ecommerce and secure payment facilities, maybe I needed to change the way I purchased my spectacles. After surfing many different optician websites I came across Directsight and was immediately drawn into the website design; sleek, professional looking, easy to navigate and most importantly they advertise the right products at great prices. It’s also worth mentioning they are a UK based company and production in the UK too so this was the icing on the cake for me.

I found a pair of spectacles and placed an order under their 2 for 1 offer. Great value I thought! Well….thats where things turn sour in terms of my customer experience. Fully aware that my particular order would take 28 working days as with the majority of online opticians on like-for-like spectacles the main issue I have with them is their service (or lack of):

1. As a general consumer it can be perfectly appreciated why it would be common courtesy to call your supplier for a simple update on the progress of your order being that completion is estimated approx 5 weeks for a product they have in stock and will be produced in a UK lab. I called after 7 working days to be specifically told my order would take between 7 – 14 working days to complete. (Fair enough we’re still within the 28 working day period but my order should be completed early – nice).
2. After 14 working days had past I still remained optimistic and contacted them on the 20th working day to ask whether I would receive my order by the 28th working day. They were very evasive in their comms and could not therefore guarantee anything.
3. On the 22nd working day I received two emails; 1 an email informing me that my order was complete and scheduled to be dispatched within 24 hours and another to confirm dispatch had taken place….wait here’s another issue….they were only dispatching ONE of the TWO pairs of glasses, to which I queried and they flippantly replied that one was ready before the other and I would receive another dispatch email for that one.
4. My order is over £49 and so qualifies for a next day delivery so I thought – finally with relief at least I will receive something from them. At the same time I questioned why they would split my order and send me two separate next day delivery parcels – it just doesn’t make any sense.
5. 48hrs after receiving the dispatch email I have not received anything from them. They have ignored my emails to them, cut me off over the telephone and have today (26th working day) totally ignored and disregarded their unreasonable actions and haven’t explained what’s gone wrong or apologised for their errors.

I just keep my fingers crossed after having my patience severly tested, that I recieve my FULL order in time as the products themselves are what I am really need.

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