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Transglobal Express

What happened to TGE ? They used to be so good

I used to send loads through TGE, they were great, reliable and very cheap. Parcel to Malta delivered next day for just £14 !! Now though the prices have increased to a level above others. Shame.
Only issues I ever had were post delivery charges. They would argue the size against the ones you enter and ask for a picture of the unopened parcel for proof ! After the 4th time this happened I changed to another company.


Cheap but not without some issues

Firstly, the web site: Why does it take so long to load ?? Argh !
Secondly: A few times now I have had e-mails from PM saynig that they are have charged me an extra amount as my parcel was found to be over the size I stated. Including one to Brazil that incurred an extra charge of £35 !
When I agrued the point with them I got an apology and my money back. However, this happens a lot with PM and I do feel that they just try it on. Also, why do they feel they can just take the money off you BEFORE telling you they are going to do it ?
On the plus side, I have found the customer support for issues pretty good and they are very well priced for international deliveries

Parcel Link

Cheap for large items but constant chasing required

Firstly: This is not a wholly negative review. They are superb at providing really good delivery rates for large parcels that other will not even quote for. Once the parcel is collected the service is good.
However. Collections are a nightmare ! Every time I use them I have to chase for at least 3 days to get the collection done. Always apologetic and polite responses but really, please, just sort out City Link and get them to collect on the day they are supposed to !! Oh, also, one City Link driver showed up, made a real fuss about the size of the parcel then commented "Well, I hope it's not fragile" My partner pointed out to him the 4 miles of FRAGILE tape on it at that point. The parcel arrived damaged ! Parcel Link are good as a coureir booking company but City Link are not as good !!


The most professional of all the Courier Brokers

Excellent, easy to use web site with no gimmicks or annoying loading issues. Used Interparcel for years now with no issues at all. No size discrepancies like you get with others, fast e-mail responses and good customer service.
My only critique would be they are slightly more expensive on International shipments than others but very good on UK.
UPS are one of the main suppliers for Interparcel and are just the best.
In my experience HERMES are awful ! I think it is they that have brought down Interparcel's reputation on occasion. My tip, ignore the Hermes quote, bypass Yodel ( they are not as bad as Hermes but still not great ) and only choose UPS !

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