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A Minus 5* customer service, never use them again

Having experienced 2 bad shipments in a week. The first one was a package of pottery swans of various sizes, well packed and addressed. After a week, they did not arrive at the buyer. Tracking showd them to be at the depot near the address, showing could not find address. It was addressed as given me, a business address in street of house, the correct post code. Seems maybe the delivery person maybe could nopt speak English so was not able to ask where the company was within a short post code. Then Hermes asked for more detail, I sent that. The couldn't believe the next I heard was that it is coming back to me. When it finally arrived it was a crushed box contains pottery bits, all but one was smashed.
Buyer was sent full credit, they went into the bin. It had been I thought well packed with loads of bubble wrap, but i must have been crushed.
The 2nd was a sewing machine, packed into a very strong box that had previously had a digit TV in it, with a carrying handle. I made a wooden support for the base plus loads of bubble wrap around the side and foam packing in the top. When the buyer got it he found it was badly damaged and beyond use or repair and of course again demanded a full refund.
Leaving me out of pocket by over £150.00. It must have been dropped from a great hieght maybe several times and thron about regardless of the HANDLE WITH CARE LABELS ALL OVER IT.
MyHermes response was that such items should not be shipped through them as there handling system is likely to damage them. Their reply was that there small print does state this fact. Also at first they meantioned sending claim forms, but was followed by there would be no refund as it was myown fault! But of course who would expect to read that in the small print of a shipping company. Does this mean that clients should only ship soft goods, like sheets, blackets, clothes and little boxes of toys and low value items. I have also recently tried to email my comments to the e mail address on this web site, but as almost expected it came back to me. Very strange company with total rubbish customer services, certainly no good will or any attemp to keep customers. As they know there is always another idiot who we can take good money from and keep regardless of the service we provide. Had I had any sign of help I would not be bothering to do this. Just a back up to others who have found the same.

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