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Appalling service from and tesco customer care

I dont drive so having the heavier groceries delivered makes it very convenient. Used several times and no issues, however the last time i used them (and it will be the last time) they correctly deducted the 272eur from my account and confirmed my order/delivery. That was the saturday. On the monday I received a phone call from my bank regarding a separate matter and while going through some transactions they mentioned a second amount deducted from my account by tesco. A second amount i asked?? yes 15mins after my correct transaction tescos decided to debit another 269eur from me. Perhaps it was just a shadow debit, i waited and after a few working days gave the customer care line a call. Was dealt with a lovely lady who went through everything and admitted tesco made an error, apologised and assured me that the money will be back in my account 3-5working days later. That was 7weeks ago and Im still waiting!!

Ive emailed and phoned countless times - the people in the customer care department cant decide if they feel like helping me or not. Just today I ended up making 7 calls to them - was put on hold and subsequently disconnected 4 times - was told to phone a different number, which i did and lo and behold the number is out of servce - had a guy tell me he was flabbergasted at the amount of communication on the account for such a simple matter and would personally sort it out and he'd call back within 30mins, that was 7hours ago...! - the 7th person told me (before hanging up on me) that she couldnt access my account because im in ireland and I phoned the UK line, well first off, i phoned the number on the .ie website, iv phoned enough times that my phone has it on speeddial, and iv dealt with other operators who were able to access my account, the lady was just being lazy because it was a friday afternoon!!

I could carry on for a long time here but it doesnt change the bottom line, tescos have the poorest customer service i have ever come across. Im now compiling a detailed complaint report to be sent to the Consumer Protection Agency on Monday, but one thing I do know for sure about the outcome of all this, is that I will not be shopping at Tesco ever again - in store or online, and I will continue to tell everyone that I know about this appalling service and persuade them to shop elsewhere so they dont have to go through such an experience themselves.

Highly irritated ex-tesco shopper

// To Tesco customer care - email ref number: TES2229388NI

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