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Seems like I popped into the carphone warehouse in Inverness today not to buy a phone surprisingly enough but to be blantantly ignored and spoken to like absolute rubbish. Four sales staff in the shop, two behind a desk chatting and another two behind the till serving one customer for 15 minutes. The guy behind the till noticed me coming in and standing there but just chose to ignore me. Eventually after 15 minutes of realising I'm not standing in the shop because I enjoy spending my morning observing fools at 'work' or staring at phones to pass my time, he decides to ask if I'm okay. I knew which phone I was after and just replied saying I would like to buy said phone to which he replied 'I suppose so'. At that point I decided not to engage with this company any further. It appears as if it's a company requirement for employees to be so feckless. I won't be setting foot in another carphone warehouse, not that they care though because they don't care about much obviously.

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