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Appaling, revolting, crap

This is a pathetic bank providing a pathetic service to costumers. Honestly, how can we trust a call from someone speaking as fast as they can with an accent only they understand, on a Saturday (!) prompting you to confirm all your card details to them? I can hardly believe HSBC contacts their costumers this way, but yes, they do.
To top it off, this is the 3rd or 4th time within a year that my card is blocked due to "suspicious transactions" (such as £20 cash withdrawals in the shopping centre, £16 payment to Abel & Cole - suspicious indeed!) and I am told that my card has been cloned. So, what's all that "security" about? The 3 passwords, numbers and the tacky calculator? For a guy to call you from wherever and tell you that your card has been cloned AGAIN?
The "excellent" costumer service have offered me a new card, but I've had bad experiences the other many times my card was blocked and cloned and I don't know what else. HSBC sent one of the cards to another address once, on another occasion they 'forgot about it' and I had to call and remind them it had been 15 days I was waiting for my card and then when they did, the card was broken right on the magnetic strip (I think they have a strange sense of humour there).
I'm fed up. It's been long 3 years and it's high time I had gone banking somewhere else. That's what I'm doing right now.

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