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How are they still in business?!

I have never experienced such diabolical service from a company in my life!

I received a card through my letterbox saying 'sorry we missed you' and to call the number on the card. Naturally I called the number on the card. I was told by the person who delivered my 'card' that the parcel had been sent back to the warehouse and to take matter up with customer service as it would not be redelivered.

After calling a succession of numbers I was finally directed to 'customer service' (there seem to be a lot of numbers for this so called 'customer service') who told me I would have to call 01582 476633 on Monday (today) as this was not something they could help me with. What useful customer service!

Monday arrives, I call this number. The lady on the other end of the phone explained that she needed a 16 digit barcode. My barcode is 8 digits on the card issued by MyHermes. I was told she couldn't help me and that I would have to contact the person I ordered the goods from. I explained that I did not know where this parcel was coming from as there was no information on the card. 'I can't help you' was her response. I mentioned that the parcel had been returned to their warehouse and I wanted to get it redelivered. 'I can't help you unless you have a 16 digit barcode'. I asked if there was another department I could speak to to have my parcel resent or a department that recognised the 8 digit barcode on my card? She repeated that I needed to contact the supplier. I replied again that I did not know where the package was coming from but regardless of this, it would be pointless contacting them as my package was in the MyHermes warehouse! She said she could not help without a 16 digit barcode. I asked what the point was of dropping a card through my letterbox with an 8 digit barcode was if they only accept 16 digit barcodes?! We went round in painful circles for a while till I asked to speak to the manager and she hung the phone up on me! I thought I was going to pull my hair out, I've lost count how many numbers I'd called.

Seriously pathetic with the worst customer service I've ever experienced – it's actually an insult to call this customer service in the first place!

Don't touch this company unless you're after jaw dropping hassle!

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